Thursday, July 28, 2005

Well....there it is! That's my baby. He kinda looks like he is hanging out in a hammock. That is his elbow you see between his belly and his head.

I finally went to the doctor to find out how far along I am. As of today, the baby is 13-1/2 weeks. That means he/she will be arriving around the end of January. We were also able to hear the heartbeat and it was at 144 beats per minute. That sure is fast!!!

I say he/she because it is too early to tell the sex of the baby. We will find out around 16-22 weeks. And don't you worry...we will definitely find out!

I am taking bets on what it will be. Can you tell from the picture? Let me know what you think. The nurse that found the heartbeat said it would be a girl because their heartbeats are very fast...usually 144-147. Of course, she then went on to say that she had the exact opposite on all three of her babies. So what does she know, I guess?


Blogger Aaron said...

Me first! I think it's going to be a boy, because he appears to be smoking a cigarette. I'm not saying he IS smoking a cigarette...only that he appears to be. Cool guys smoke cigarettes...I guess that's why I had to give up smoking. He looks great are doing great. Keep it up. So if it's a boy, I assume you're going to name him "Aaron"? If not, perhaps that will be his middle name? Har har.

7:59 PM

Blogger marii said...

oh my that I look at it again, he does look like his has a cigarette in his mouth! Well, I know it is his arm!!!!

This is what vivian sent me today:
"Previous studies have shown a mother-to-be's diet high in potassium and sodium including vegetables, bananas, fish and meat may favor the conception of a baby boy. A diet high in calcium and magnesium including milk, beans, cereals, cheese and nuts may favor a baby girl."

I have been eating like I am having a we'll just have to see!

7:41 AM

Blogger vivian said...

Ewwww.. nooo.. not a cigarette... i was told at work that da baby looks more like it's sucking on its thumb.. I show like everyone at work - i'm so proud!! hahahahah =)

I can't wait!! But make sure you take SUPER good care of you two.. haha :) WOOOT!!.. I have just have a "feeling" that it's a girl.. but.. that's before I found out about the diet thing.. but my feelings aren't always right. haha :) Either way - I can't wait!!! Bring on the love! haha :)

1:36 AM


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