Friday, September 15, 2006

Survivor: Week One

Well, I have decided to try and keep up with Survivor on my blog (for my Survivor junkie friends!). The first episode was quite interesting. I am not sure how I feel about dividing the teams into races....except, GO ASIANS! w00t!

I really like the Hispanic team out of all the teams because I think they are strong and will be loyal to one another, based on the hispanic stereotype of course. I do believe they will end up being the strongest team.

Did you notice how the Asian team has mostly American Asians on it? I am not sure about that only because alot of times you see that American Asians don't have as much pride in their ethnicity. I know the crazy dude was way irritating with his jokes, but they absolultely did not like his stereotypical jokes. I also thought it was funny how the token homosexual of the season was Asian...a very muscular Asian...but you could tell that fashion designer was seriously gay.

Speaking of muscular....props to the Survivor committee who chose the cast...there are some good looking guys on this season. Not like the big-boobs mcgees we usually see running around all skimpy like!!!

This season's exile island is weak! It isn't even that big....just keep digging, you will find it eventually--there isn't that much territory to cover! LOL.

I thought out of all the members on the African-American team, Sekou should have been the one to go...he was holding everyone up in the challenge. He also tried to take charge too fast and boss everyone around. People don't like that!!

Well, post any comments on what you thought about last night's episode and check back each week as I update my opinions and predictions for each episode. Also, if you see me slacking feel free to let me know...I tend to do that sometimes!!!!


Blogger vivian said...

dude!! totally rooting for the asians.. even tho there are no chinese but they seem pretty smrat. no favorties yet - but I think the boxer girl is pretty neat on the caucasian team.

but ya, I think the latinos will do well too! We actually thought it was funny that all the races stereotyped themselves (and some of them were interesting stereotypes about themselves) except for the caucasians. And the Caucasians actually just talked about the type of people they were.

Yah, Exile Island is tiny - hahah =) if he was smart, he should just keep digging. Its kinda funny that that guy stole the other chicken.. dude, and totally sucks for the hippie girl who let those chickens go - ha ha ;)

But yah, there sure are more younger musclar guys this time than in previous seasons.

Should be an interesting season! =)

11:50 PM

Blogger vivian said...

yah - I dunno if Id let Cowboy pinch my face over and over either..

11:52 PM

Blogger marii said...

ya...i forgot about roller girl letting the chickens out. When she did that I thought to myself, "that is totally something I would have done!" I would have just been trying to help out and cleaning up around the camp and totally forgotten the stupid box had chickens under it! I am such a space case that it would have happened to me!!!!

8:12 AM

Blogger vivian said...

Ha! That's pretty sweet. I just read on the website that Becky, one of the girls on the asian team went to University of Michigan, was on the boxing team there, fights against domestic violence and was a kickboxing instructor! That's pretty sweeet!

But geeez!!! if you read the profiles for everyone on the asian team(except for Cao Boi), they were all like valedictorians, or presidents of something or like they excelled at like 5 different sports! Geeeeezboozles!!! But even Cao Boi sounds like he was pretty atheletic. Woohoo! ;)

10:46 AM

Blogger vivian said...

hey I know you're sick =( but just in case you forgot - you haven't updated your Survivor Blog yet!! :)

7:55 PM


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