Monday, September 12, 2005


Alright...look at this picture. Doesn't that dessert look so could you feel like you are sinning by just looking at it? Last week, my work had this celebration kickoff. We had a bake-off contest to and I thought I would participate.

I asked everyone that I knew to send me any recipes that they deemed worthy enough to win a bake-off contests. I got several and went with my friend Caland's recipe for "CHOCOLATE OBLIVION TRUFFLE TORTE".

Because I had never made this before, I made three trial runs with it. Good thing I did, because the first 2 were not very good. After making a few changes and perfecting the steps...I made a masterpiece.

I was for sure to win this contest! I had it in the bag, so I thought. The contest was based on three things: Taste, Appearance, and Creativity.

I decorated my dessert with some style hoping to get 1/3 of the score on appearance. I thought I would for sure get 1/3 for Creativity since this was such a different, yet delicate dessert. If they judges were chocolate fans, I knew I would get 1/3 for taste.

Well, I ended up CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES! Don't ask me how they won with appearance and creative can you get with Choco Chip Cookies?????

I decided to write about this 3 days later because I thought I would have let it go by now...but as you can tell I am still bitter about it! I just can't imagine losing to stupid cookies. This contest was rigged!

First of all, everyone knew who made the cookies cuz this older lady makes them all the time and brings them in the office for everyone.

Secondly, the judges were mostly men. Not that I have any problem with men being judges, it is just that these men must have been Simpletons. They obviously didn't like different types of desserts and so they settled for something quite simple....something that they were used to. It was because my dessert my have been too unique to enjoy.

Finally, the scale was skewed. They were supposed to rate the desserts from 1 to 10. One being the best and ten being the worst. They scale was backwards!! So I am sure that if they did enjoy my dessert, they could have mistakenly ranked it lower, thinking they were ranking it higher. In normal circumstances, one would be the highest and ten would be the lowest...Hello!!! Number 1! We're number 1! Who in the heck says, "We're number 10!" It was a serious flaw that probably cost me the contest!

Yes, there was a prize...but I was not in it for the prize. I actually found out about the prize the day of the contest. It was a $50 gift certificate to Carrabbas! I love that, when I go in there to eat I will grossly be reminded of this entire fiasco!!

That is my rant for the day...any comments on my dessert are welcome!


Blogger Aaron said...

Man, the bitterness is just oozing off my computer screen. I think I gotta lie down after that rambling, bitter diatribe, which, in my opinion, is outdone perhaps only by the infamous Unibomber Manifesto.

11:38 PM

Blogger vivian said...

I honestly think yours chocolate thingy look DELICIOUS!! Man - talk about weird judges.. I apologize for my Michiganian people.. They probably just like what they're used to.. Hrm... I wonder how much that lady paid them!??!

3:31 PM


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