Saturday, September 23, 2006

Survivor - Week Two

Thank you, vivian, for the reminder!! Yes, I was very sick toward the end of this week. So much so, that I almost postponed watching Survivor on Thursday....but as a hardcore Survivor fan, I couldn't do it!!! So the post did have to suffer, due to the illness :(

And now my thoughts on this week's episode!!

Well....I think this may be the first time I can remember a team purposely throwing a game just to get rid of some dead weight. I want to say I remembering it happen once before, but I can't recall when. Anyone know?

Yep, that's right folks...death metal rocker Billy wasn't pulling his weight around camp this week and that got him the axe. I remember hearing him comment that he was saving his energy for the challenges and he didn't think it was smart to use all his energy helping out around camp. He thought the others had more energy to burn. This kinda attitude is not what you want around camp on the second week!!! Well, I have to say it was a pretty good pick this week.

The FUNNIEST part of the whole thing was when he said that he and Candice had a "MOMENT" at one of the challenges. Did he say that they both mouthed "I love you" to each other or did he just mouth that to her? LOL...either way, it was hysterical. He started to say he was playing the game for for her...oh man! Okay, if you don't know who Candice is, I have decided to add another picture to this post...that way we can see how they would look as a couple....hee hee (she is a looker!) for the rest of the episode...all I have to say is
w00t!!! That's right, leave it up to the Korean to find the immunity idol. Didn't I say it wasn't going to take much to find that thing? The island is so small and it is all sand!

And he caught two chickens too! The guy is the bomb! I know the hispanics caught a chicken too, but two chickens!!! That is awesome. They are also the bomb at catching fish and crabs...did you see how much stuff they were getting...LOL

I have to be honest...that Cowboy guy is freaking me out! I can't believe how strange he is. I think he will be the first voted off of the Asian group!

Okay, so overall...I think the Asians are running strong. My initial thoughts on the hispanic team being strong was crushed this week because they lacked the commitment to eachother. They shouldn't have thrown a game just to get rid of someone...that's stupid. The whitey's didn't impress me much this week and the african-american group also didn't do much to impress me either.

I think next week we will see the Asians on the chopping block to lose someone. If so, Cowboy is sure to go!

See ya next week!


Blogger vivian said...

wah!! that was sooo funny at the end when the guy was just like.. but I'm okay with leaving because at least I found when I came here to find and they were like.. and what is that?! And he was like - blah blah love at first sight.. and I was thinkign what?! Candice is alread hooking it up with adam or whatever his name is!!

Anyways - yay for the Asians! :) they're so smart - two guys taking down the marker thingys at the same time! So smart! :) I'm surprised no one else saw them do that and tried that also. =P

Yah, I think Cao boi will get voted off first if the Asian lose, but boy will they miss the make-headaches-disappear man.

also, I too think it was lame that they threw the competition cuz seriously - they really should have saved it for a time when they're really goign to actually have to get rid of someone because they really lost. =P Dumbos. =P

5:29 PM

Blogger vivian said...

hey hey! You haven't updated it with the latest!

3:31 PM


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