Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Survivor - Week 3

Sorry to my avid Survivor junkies, but my post is coming in very late. This week was a special treat because we got to watch survivor with some very good friends from Cali. So writing this post is actually dumb because my only avid Survivor junkies that read my post were actually sitting with me on the couch this week!!!! YAY! Miss you V-dub and K-dub!

Okay...so it was a fun-filled weekend and I don't remember much from the episode...I am actually going to re-watch parts of it on cbs.com to refresh my memory!

Okay! If you missed last week and you also happened to miss the recap....Billy did mouth the words "I love you" to candice. However, he must have misunderstood what she said because she actually said, "we love you" after he said "I'm next" when they lost the challenge. I bet after watching this episode, he must have felt embarrased and I would be surprised to see him at the reunion! ha ha.

So they mixed up the races and split the tribes up into two teams. It really didn't take them very long to do that. The two new teams seem to adjust pretty easily, alliances were formed aaaaaand Pavarti was trying to work all the men with her flirty schemes. She was working it too hard, almost hooker on holleywood-ish.

The Koreans are bonding together like brother and sister. Yul confided in Becky and told her that he found the immunity idol on Exile Island. The funniest thing was that when he told her she immediately asked him how long it took him to find it. Eric laughed and thought with a question like that she was feeling him out to see if he was a strong, smart asian!

Speaking of Asians...did you hear Jonathan tell Flika that he was teaming up "with the Asians". Not "those people from the other tribe" or "Yul and Becky", but "THE ASIANS". Ha ha..if this show didn't start out racially segregated he would have never made a comment like that!

That one guy (I think his name is Nate) caught a HUGE octopus. That was pretty exciting! I liked how it was sucking the life out of the gay fashion designer asian...ha ha.

The challenge sucked. It was nothing compared to the same challenge that Bobby John did. Bobby John carried his whole team to victory for like an hour! The girls on this season just dropped out so soon. And the other guys just caught the team so fast! It was not as exciting as the one time Bobby John's team did the same challenge.

So it came down to Becky or Cecilia. I think Yul was successful in talking Cowboy (Cao Boi) into votiing for Cecilia and since Cowboy and Flika (Jessica) are best of friends they voted the same.

So bye bye CiCi....Go asians! LOL.

My prediction for this week (and I am 0 for 1 now!) is that Jonathan will be next. He is too manipulative and everyone is starting to get creeped out by him! Otherwise, if I had to choose a girl, it would be Parvarti...just cuz she disgusts me with her flirting game!

OH, by the way...did anyone think that Yul would have given Becky the idol if she had been voted off?
He did tell her that he would maybe, in the future, use it to save her. I am sure he didn't mean on the next challenge...but her butt was on the line. It would have been interesting to see that one played out!


Blogger vivian said...

Yah - I dunnnoo... I bet Yule'll use it right at the correct moment - he seems like a pretty smart guy. Do you happen to remember whether or not Tom ended up using it, when he found it??

Also, don't forget that the team that lost, didn't seem like they knew what they were doing and were going to fight the other team... whats up with that?! Sounds like someone wasn't paying attention!! hahaha :) That might've been why that challenge finished so quickly.

I was pretty surprised when Cici went - totally thought it was gonna be Becky! Go Yule and his crazy persuasive talk! hahaah :)

I agree - I hope Parvati gets voted off next - not a big fan. =P

11:17 AM

Blogger marii said...

oh yea...they didnt know how to play! Why would they fight the other guys off...doesnt make since!

8:30 PM


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