Thursday, October 05, 2006

Survivor - Week 4

Can you believe it has already been 4 weeks! Man, time flies so fast! Okay here is my survivor rap for this week....

I wanted to make up for my slacking last I decided to write this while watching forgive me if it's choppy!

I just realized that Becky was an attorney...she is going to be one of those cut-throat Koreans!

Candice is a terrible liar because when they were all asking her about why she got sent to Exile Island, she was trying to play stupid and she totally LOOKED stupid! ha ha.

Dude! J.P. the volleyball pro tried to cheat in the challenge! He heard the other team say "5 is B" and then he told the rest of his team! What a loser! Who cheats!??

Yea! Aitu wins both challenges! Go Koreans! ha ha ha. I am glad they finally started splitting up the challenges with a reward and immunity challenge. It was stupid when they were doing it all together, but I understand they had to because of how many teams there were. Oh and that was gross how the one girl cut her hand with the knife!!

Gosh! It is so disgusting how Parvarti is still trying to hit on Nate and the poor guy is falling for it! She is such a stinker!

Oh that is it! I definitely do NOT like the cowboy! I can't believe he went and messed with that bird's nest! He felt so bad that he dropped the baby bird, but he was still going to steal the mamma bird's eggs! What difference does it make. I totally thought he was going to eat it! ha ha.

WHY, WHY, WHY would Stephanie tell everyone that she sucks so bad! I wanted Parvarti to go!!!! She is so dumb because there are more girls than guys!! They can break up the 4 man team with their numbers! It was so interesting to see the game being played this week...I can't believe the girls went to Brad for help because Parvarti really believes she can team up with the guys. I totally am starting to hate her! Why couldn't she go this episode! Dang, I am 0 for 2 now!

HA, HA...see ya later Pro Volleyball player. You're a cheater anyway! You can't sit around camp like a king and not think that everyone won't get tired of it quick! Well, the 4-man team didn't last very long, but I think it is for the better! If they can just get rid of Parvarti, the team will be awesome!

Wow! after watching the end, I realized that Nate and JP were the only ones who voted for Stephanie. That means Brad told Adam and they decided to go with the group. Parvarti ended up voting for JP too. And I thought she was tight with Nate...guess not!


Blogger vivian said...

hahah - YEAH!! I know!! We were soooo surprised that Brad and Adam voted JP off! hahah So then JP and Nate were the only ones who didn't know what was going on.

Dude, you knwo what we've noticed is the fact that the challenges have gotten way boring - or not just boring but like re-done. There really isn't much originality any more.

Other than that, it was pretty cool seeing how fast Oscar picked it up for his team - he sure is a VERY fast swimmer/runner guy! hahah :) it was really surprising.

And then, I know as much as you don't like Cow boy - dude, he does the craziest things! Like when he was building that fire - who knew wtf he was doing - swinging the fire around and creating all that smoke. But man! Sure enough! He got it done.

Yah, I have to admit tho, he was pretty stupid climbing that tree - poor lil bird. =(

In the end, I was glad to see JP go - but yah, don't think it was the smartest thing of Stephanie to try to get herself voted off like that. =P

12:54 PM

Blogger marii said...

yea, you are right about Cao Boi...he does pretty cool things and he did bring it home on that challenge. He is just freakin crazy!!!! ha ha.

Yea, the whole show has gotten kinda boring. I guess they have run outta things to do. And they ARE the same challenges...not even a "twist" to them.

8:15 AM


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