Monday, October 13, 2008

60-60 Experiment

I am following this 8-week series at church called Soul Revolution and the 60-60 Experiment. I started a week late because my mom came to visit me the weekend before last and I missed church. Well, we went this weekend and I am beginning my journey with this 60-60 Experiment and I have to say it's been very powerful even in the 1 day that I have been doing it.

60-60 is a commitment to 60 days of trying to stay in continuous, honest conversation with God and willing to do His will at every moment in my life. The goal is to stay consciously aware that God is with you at all times and desires to have a loving and trusting relationship with you. So every 60 minutes for 60 days, I stop and think about God. Knowing He is with me at that moment and realizing that He desires to give me good things and a satisfying life.

The funny part of the whole experiment is they gave me a timer to keep me reminded to do this. I chose the carabiner with a timer instead of the watch, cuz i don't like wearing watches much. So every 60 minutes this timer goes off (really loudly) and I stop what I am doing to talk to God. Seems silly that you need an alarm to remind you to talk to God, doesn't it???

Not at all! This thing is getting me to talk to Him more than ever. I guess I never realized it until now, but I have been too busy for God. I rarely take the time to talk to him throughout my hectic day. My normal relationship is usually talking to him at the end of the day when I am just about to go to sleep...I lay my head down, get cozy under my covers, close my eyes, start to pray, and usually pass out before I can get to "Amen."

For the last 10 years I have filled my life with more things than I can handle, complained about how busy I am, and how stressful my life can be at times, and spend most of my evenings exhausted. Why? Why do I do these things? Well, it's because I want to live the best possible life I can. I keep thinking I need more to be satisfied. And for some reason, it's never enough. When Eric was getting out of the military, we lived on his $19K/year salary. We thought, "wow! if he could just get a job making $30K/year we would be living large!" Well, that came and went and we laugh now at how much money we thought that was...and laugh even more because we thought that much would make us happy and give us everything we ever wanted and more. Yea, I can hear you chuckling too!

I know what you are thinking...."Well, you just piled on another commitment!" This is different though, I am taking a step of faith and trusting that God will show me what things I REALLY need to be doing instead of doing the things I THINK I need to be doing. I kinda like talking to God throughout the day cuz I already feel my relationship is getting stronger. Sunday was a great day for me...and would you believe that I actually felt satisfied at the end of the day. Maybe this 60-60 thing is working for me already! I will keep you posted on my path to faith and my willingness to listen....



Blogger Kimberley said...

Yay for God!!! I'll be praying for you and your journey! That is such a good idea! I have never thought to keep a timer around to remind me to talk to God. It's hard during all the hustle and bustle of life. So are you and Eric going to church now? Yay for church!

So now that my sewing machine is fixed... I can't decide what to sew... strange...

5:28 PM

Blogger Vivian said...

Dude - that is AWESOME!!! What a great idea!! It's so true though! Our lives get soo wrapped in everything of this world... EVERTHING... work, hobbies, errands, family stuff.. it's like we spend like 99.99 percent of your day doing whatever and then that 0.01 of it talking to God (and a lot of times, it's like flimsy talk..) But God wants us... ALL of us, all the time! Our time and our heart and our mind.. Because He's the awesomest! And the awesomely powerful and loving God just wants us to love Him and we barely give Him the time of day... Sooo crazy..

But yah - I'm almost done w/ the Crazy Love book.. it's really good. .. just reminds us about how great His love is for us.. when we tend to just give Him the scraps.

I'll pray for you and this awesome experience!! Man... definitely sounds like something I would want to try! =)

9:18 PM

Blogger marii said...

hey guys thanks for your support! I would love to
get you guys a book if you are interested in reading it. the guy who wrote it is our pastor and he's giving away the book to everyone in the church. otherwise, you can just set your own timers and do it too! let me know if ya wanna book and I will send one your way.

Kimmie, yes eric finally attended church with me for the first time this past Sunday! yay! he was really impressed with it and said it was good and that john was a great speaker! I think he is going to come with me again this next week! and for the sewing project, I thought you were going to do that purse you sent me a link to a while back. that would me cool!

well thanks for all the prayers! I know it will help
me along the way. I hope I am still this dedicated on day 60!

9:30 PM

Blogger Kimberley said...

I read an excerpt of the book and it sounds fabulous! I think I need to take you up on that offer! Hopefully this is something Cory & I could do together :) I definitely know I'm not praying enough and just reading about your project is so convicting.

11:03 AM

Blogger marii said...

For sure! I will grab one for you this sunday and send it your way! I am on Chapter 3 and it has been great so far!

11:11 AM

Blogger Vivian said...

Yay!! Yah!!! If you could, that would be AWESOME!!!! =) What an awesome relationship building experience!!! Wooohoo!!! =) If they run out or something, I'll just find it on-line!! Hurray!! =) Thanks!!!!! =)

4:03 PM

Blogger marii said...

cool! I will get you a book too! You guys will really like it. It's a good read so far, and I am not much of a reader either.

I am definitely going to read that Crazy love book Viv. I have been meaning to get, but lost track of time!

4:30 PM


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