Friday, October 03, 2008

Confirmation of my cause

So I was watching some of my backlogged Oprah shows on my DVR last night because my usual Thursday shows were bummped (VP debate). I ended up watching Oprah's "Recession" show with guest Suze Orman. I don't know if you guys watched it, but it just further confirmed my cause to go Anti-Consumerist this month.

She came on and explained how the recession was worse than ever (even the great depression). And she went onto talk about how to recession-proof your family. Wouldn't you know it...the biggest way to save yourself from being affected by this recession and what is happening to this market is to...STOP SPENDING MONEY.

Suze explained how the economy fell apart and what the key factors were in contributing to this downfall. One of the points she made was that companies made money by selling investments (like mortgages and credit cards) to people who couldn't afford it. People who wanted to live in a facade of having a big home, new cars, and all these "things" they needed when they truly couldn't afford them. The big companies that lent out the money were just trying to make more money for themselves -- to pay themselves more compensation. You's all about money and people wanting to make more money so they stick it to the consumer...and look at us now -- the people who are suffering the most are The People, you and me!

Anyway, the solution was to stop spending...and stop putting things on credit. Basically, don't buy what you can't afford just to live a life you think you need. This facade that we are all living in is truly what is causing this collapse.

To read more about the show, click here. It's a long read, but really eye-opening. If you can get a hold of the show, it's better to just watch it :)

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