Tuesday, February 12, 2008

it's a boy!

its almost 4am and I just woke up to feed kaeden. Sorry I didnt update you about all the action, but I was high as a
kite during the whole thing.

First of all, it was really scary. I was truly nervous and that is rare for me and surgical procedures. As they were prepping me in the O.R., I started to get nervous. They didnt let Eric in during the prepping. And they started the incision just as he walked in. I was a little upset with them about that because I really needed him.

I started to shake really bad and they kept asking me if I was cold. I wasn't cold just scared that they were about to cut a baby out of my body! It went by really fast. My anesthesiologist was great and walked me through the entire thing. That was very helpful.

When they pulled kaeden out, he started to cry. He kinda sounded like a duck with all that liquid in his lungs. It was weird hearing him and not seeing him because there was a big sheet covering everything. When they brought him around for me to see, you could just see his perfect little body! He was so beautiful and a very good size! While the nurses were cleaning him up, eric said the nurses kept saying he was a "nine ten". They kept saying it over and over and made a point to tell the doctor. Finally, eric had to ask what they were talking about. It was his color...he had near perfect skin color. He was perfect pink color. Not too white and not to yellow...just right.
He also has lots more hair then LT had. It's red and blonde! You can totally tell he's eric's kid.

So I was told by the anesthesiologist that I would pretty much be numb all over. I was! It was as if I was paralyzed. I also was very sleepy. I thought he gave me something to make me drowsey, but he didnt. He just kept injecting stuff into my epidural. I passed out, but could hear everything going on around me. It was so weird. I even paniced while passed out thinking I could slowly slip into death. When I would wake up, I was so dizzy and the room was spinning. The guy would start injecting my line with stuff to fix that, but it wasnt helping. I was completely loopy and barely remember anything.

Personally, I am bummed about it. I wanted to remember all this stuff but couldn't. So if I had to pick, I would take the pain of the vaginal labor any day!
So Kaeden Zane Thompson was born at 8:56 on Monday, February 11, 2008. He weighed 7 pounds and 12 ounces. He was 20-1/2 inches! The whole thing from start to finish was 13 long hours.

Okay, well I am getting sleepy and wanna pass out again!!! Pictures coming soon!



Blogger EngineeringKimmie said...

YAY!!!!!! I can't wait to see pictures of Kaeden! That's sooo cute that he has his daddy's hair! :) I'm so excited for you. I talk about your story to anyone in the office who will listen to me... I hope you don't mind :P

8:41 AM

Blogger vivian said...

That is SOSOOO CRAZY!!! Yeah!!! When I first found out that you might do a C-section I prayed for your nerves - cuz I was soooo scared that you would be scared!!! But when I asked Eric last night, he said that you were a trooper and that you didn't seem that scared! So I was relieved! But hearing what you actually felt, makes me feel soo bummed that you were so nervous about it!! Blah - now I kinda have a sad pit in my stomach cuz it sounds like something you were hoping for to be so wonderful ended up with you being so nervous and scared! =(

Well, I'm glad it's over tho - and I'm SUPER glad everything went smoothly - and Kaeden sounds like he's a perfectly healthy boy! Awesome! Yeah! haha :) 9-10 huh! hahah =) Thats awesome! Great job mom! =) Must've been all those decaf coffees and diet cokes. hahah! :) You win! :)

Can't wait to see pictures! =)

11:22 AM

Blogger Aaron Abitia said...

Awesome Marii...and he's totally healthy. Thank God we live in an age when all these procedures are possible.

11:31 AM


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