Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Anti-Consumerism Month

This month I have self-announced "Anti-consumerism Month". For the entire month of October, I am going to be a minimalist. I will buy groceries, gas, and cloth to make clothes...but I am protesting any major consumer purchases.

For those of you that read my iphone will know that I grudgingly had to make a large purchase and that was my LAST ONE!

I know. You are thinking...what's she doing? Well, I have finally realized that I don't want to be an over-consumer. I have been buying stuff left and right because I feel I needed it or wanted it. I am wastefully spending money on stuff I don't really need. Yes, I have watched a few Oprah shows that have opened my eyes to what is going on out there in this world today (the Freegan episode, and the wasteful family episode)... But for me, I finally just realized that I waste money on stupid stuff....$200 jeans, $300 purses, fast-food/restaurants, knick knacks for the house, over-priced coffees, tons of toys and clothes for my kids (that don't ever even play with them or wear them).

For those of you that know me well, I have been trying to lead this minimalistic lifestyle for sometime now. However, I don't think I am being extreme enough. So this is my one month to try and really DO IT! With the holidays coming around the corner, it will give me fresh insight as to what the holidays really's not about buying present for's about caring for people and loving them. (So for those of you that might be receiving presents this year, it will most likely be hand-made. I have already arranged for card-exchange with some of you. Where we agreed not to buy any presents, but just send cards).

So here's where I outline what I can/cannot buy:

I will not be making any purchases that are not absolutely necessary for myself and my family. Groceries, gas, utility bills of course are on my "can buy" list. I am even going to go as far as trying not to buy any packaged food items. I wanna keep it fresh to just meat, veggies, fruits, and breads. So no snacks or anything that is sold via commercial. I can't help but buy milk and orange juice and formula and stuff. I am also not going to eat fast food or dine at restaurants, as much as I can help it.

No clothes, shoes, stuff for my hair, expensive MAC makeup (or any makeup at all...I have enough to last me for a month!), electronics, dvd's, etc. Anything that can be in a commercial...I am forbidding.

So if you have any questions about my list or have any suggestions...or simply want to join me in my quest...feel free to comment!!

I will be posting weekly updates on what I have spent my money on for that week, just to keep me accountable...and also for your viewing pleasure!! So start subscribing to my post (click here) and you will get updates when I post new blogs!



Blogger Kimberley said...

Holy Moly Girl! I'm so happy for you that you're doing this!!! :) Good luck! I'll be praying for you and reading your blog!

12:35 PM

Blogger marii said...

I know. it seems so extreme, but I have finally realized that I don't need much to keep me happy in my life...and this is just a way to prove that. Plus, I am saving money at the same time!

I am thinking some people might think I am adding to the current problems we are having in stock market right now. And I can understand that point, yet I can't help but feel the market has been raping me for all these years...inflation, the high price over everything around me...and it's not getting any better.

So we'll see how it all goes! I will definitely keep you posted

1:53 PM

Blogger Vivian said...

Dude! That is AWESOME!! It's going to be really free kinda feeling that you're not jus throwing away moneys and rather spending it super wisely! I'm sure that's what God intends you to do with His money anyways ;) I'm so excited!! Can I get a hand-made painting from LT & Kaed? :)

1:17 AM

Blogger marii said...

Yea... I am already starting to feel that freedom. I don't have this urge to impulse shop and just buy such unnecessary things. My mom came to visit me this weekend and normally we go out and shop till we drop. I explained to her that I wasn't into wasting money anymore and she was okay with that.

This movement has opened my eyes to how wasteful others are! My mom is a prime example of that (and I just noticed it this weekend) and I kinda thought that might be where my wasteful habits emerged. For instance, we would buy something and if it didn't fit her or she didn't like the way it looked when she got home then she would just throw it away in the trash. She throws away alot of stuff and I realized that even more this weekend with her visit.

I got this letter in my mail that my neighborhood is going to have a clean-up day. They are getting a big dumpster and putting it somewhere in the neighborhood. This way people can clean up the stuff that they would normally take to the dump and save themselves the trip to the dump. I was so appalled by this that I could hardly breath!

1st. You are just adding more crap to the landfills when you could be freecycling this stuff.

2nd. You are promoting that people throw away items when they could donate them to goodwill.

I just don't know what to do about this. One part of me wants to stand in front of the dumpster and protest, but I have no time :( I was thinking I might make posters and tape them to the dumpster alerting people to freecycle and goodwill.

I just can't believe that my neighborhood is promoting this kind of's so freaking sad!

12:52 PM

Blogger Vivian said...

BOOOOOOOOO!!!! That is soooo lame!!! What the heck! They're like encouraging throwing away stuff!!! AHHHH!!! Seriously!!! People on my Free-cycle have like Offers and Takes like ALL the time!! So many people want or need stuff, don't throw it away!!! Ahh!! That is a really good idea though! Make posters and post them and explain that there are people that need stuff like that and it's not too easy to take them there! Man! I would even load up my car with their stuff that could be taken to Goodwill.. dahh!!

1:29 AM

Blogger Aaron Abitia said...

Cool, I am glad to read this, and you know from our conversations that I've been in the same mindset...sick and tired of being a slave to consumerism. One thing I do which you probably already are: I don't go into a store just because it sez "SALE" on the window. I only go to a store if there is something specific that I need. It is amazing how much money you save this way, because when you go into a store just to go in, invariably you walk out with crap that you had NO intention of fact, you didn't even KNOW you "needed" it until it was in front of your face. Such is the power of marketing and tempts us to buy just because.

6:12 PM


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