Monday, February 11, 2008

patiently waiting

So it is 3:08 pm and I am sitting in the hospital bed patiently waiting for the arrival of my new son. I thought this would be faster because they say it takes half the time of your first delivery. Well, I think that's a myth. We started inducing at 8am and it has been 7 hours already. My labor with LT took 14 hours.

I have to say the myth of being easier the second time is true. I sat here going through contractions and it was no where near as painful as last time. They just kinda felt like normal cramps. They broke
my water at 12:15 and I thought that would speed things up. My contractions got a little stronger, but nothing I couldn't handle. I finally got the epidural any way just to have it ready for delivery. It has helped because I can't feel any contractions at all. There were some negative side effects to the epidural though... My skin got really itchy and it felt like my left leg was all prickly.

I took a short nap, but feel like I am really ready to have the baby. I am starting to get impatient!

My parents stopped by just before I got the epidural. My mom brought some pretty flowers!
Somehow I will figure out how to attach pictures to my blog via email. Come back soon to check out my progress!

Ok so there's no way to post pictures via my phone...gotta wait until I get on the laptop.

On a final interesting left leg is completely dead. I can't lift it at all. What did the anesthesiologist do to me? I am a bit freaked out!



Blogger Vivian said...

Ackkk!!! Craziness!!!! Kaeden!! Hurry that lil butt up! Come out so we can finally get to hang out with you!! haha =) Well - it sounds like you're doing REALLY well!!! And even looking forward to the birthing! haha =) That's awesome! =)

Yes!!! Post pictures ASAP - but of course when you're good and rested. ;)

I'm sure that dead leg feeling will go away. ;) We'll pray that the anesthesiologist just made it so that you were just REALLY good and numb ;) And nothing bad! :)

3:40 PM

Blogger EngineeringKimmie said...

I've been thinking about you & Kaeden all day! I can't believe he's so comfy in there! :) I'll keep on praying until that little slugger joins our world!!!

3:49 PM


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