Monday, February 11, 2008

slowly getting there....

it's 4:30 and the doctor just checked me. They put an internal monitor in to check the intensity of the contractions. The pitocin is dosing at a high rate of 22 mL/hr.

I am only at 2 cm and I have a ton of fluids coming out...gross I know, but its a good thing. The baby is doing great. He's hanging in there pretty strong. He loves being in my belly and doesnt wanna come out!!

My parents should be arriving soon with LT to visit. Maybe the excitement will get me moving!



Blogger Vivian said...

man - it's crazy that you can't feel those contractions! =) The anesthesiologist must've really done a good job! haha ;)

Come Kaeden! Time to LT a big sister! =)

5:16 PM

Blogger sue said...

How's your left leg? Has the doc told you if that is typical?

5:34 PM

Blogger Vivian said...

okay this is what i found:

"Until recently, pregnant women opting for pain relief during early labor had two choices: total pain relief with leg numbness or incomplete pain relief without leg numbness," explains anesthesiologist David J. Birnbach.

"The epidural may cause temporary numbness or heaviness or weakness in the legs. So you probably won't be able to walk around once the epidural takes effect."

I guess there's something else called the "walking epidural".

6:09 PM


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