Thursday, January 03, 2008

After-Christmas Post

Wow, I just realized that I have had that downer post up on my blog for quite some time. I have been so busy lately with Christmas! We had a house full of people over the holidays. it was great!

Eric's family from CA and NYC came to see us for a week. The house was never quiet...we were constantly up to something! It was hard seeing them go because the house was so quiet afterwards...leaving that sad, lonely feeling behind. I hate that feeling!

This is the fam eating at a real Texas BBQ place! Look mom, no plates!

Here is our Christmas mom joined us for Christmas too!

They were quite impressed with everyone is once they get here. The loved it here...even though a cold front had blown through on the day they arrived.

Lauren got lots of presents for Christmas this year. She got a bouncing, spinning zebra (from Aunt Viv and Uncle Keith), a mickey mouse car from us, a big red wagon (from my mom and dad), a Kawasaki Quad (from Grammy and Grampy), an Elmo Chair (from her Aunt Sue), a fun bucket of blocks and a Build-a-bear Dog (from her Uncle Chris), and just tons of other stuff that I can't even list. There is so much stuff that our house looks like a constant mess because she is playing with everything!!!

The bouncing zebra!

The mickey mouse car...who would have thought a 20 dollar piece of plastic would keep her so happy!

She loves the wagon...wants to go for a ride everyday!

This thing is so cool and powerful!

She loves this chair...always is lounging in it.

I got everything I wanted for my birthday and Christmas too! This was a really great Christmas for me...wish it could have lasted forever!



Blogger Vivian said...

ackkk!!!! =) LT is the CUTESTT!!! I love her face in the family pictures - SOOO adorable!!! She's soooo funnny!!! Like she's trying to give the camera the biggest smile ever!! haha =) Awesome!!

You're looking pretty good yourself!!! WOOOOOOO!! =)

Mmmm!!! That BBQ looks DELICIOUS!!! =D

12:43 AM

Blogger marii said...

yea, that is here camera face. She always does that when she knows the camera is on's hysterical!!

I will treat you to the same bbq when you come. They loved it so much that they wanted it again!

10:08 AM


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