Thursday, October 12, 2006

Survivor - Week 5....blahhhhh

Here we go! Week 5! Wow time is flying so fast.
So last week JP was the loser!

Ha ha! That was so freaking funny that Ozzy, Cowboy and Rollergirl went to check out the other island and ended up at the other team's camp!!! I thought it was funny how they were so annoyed because they were on "their island"....ha ha.

During the immunity challenge, I noticed that alotof the girls are getting to the point of overwhelming underarm hair...epecially Roller girl and candice.

Aitu ended up with a great strategy of getting everyone up on the deck. They put all the girls in the middle and the guys stretched over the top of them. I totally thought they were going to lose when they all fell in the water the first try.

Blah, so the tribal council was boring and Stephanie was voted off....big deal! I don't think she was much of a contribution AND she wanted to go least that is what she kept expressing a few episodes ago.

To be brutally honest with you...if this show doesn't pick up some excitement,then I am going to stop writing about it! ha ha.

Eric says I have to wait until the merger. Supposedly, it always gets juicier when they merge...ha ha. I think it is just the boring personalities of the people!

Next week they are going to try and spice it up by making each team vote a person we'll see!


Blogger marii said...

what! Vivian did not leave me a post! That must be because she didn't watch it yet! haha ...catch up already Vdub!

10:09 PM


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