Tuesday, October 21, 2008

60-60: The Garage Door

My 60-60 experiment has been keeping me in touch with God everyday. I am beginning to feel his presence around me constantly. This is a good thing because it means that I am finally opening my eyes to what has been there this whole time. I have been doing well with the experiment and have been taking the time every 60 minutes to just meet with him and realize his presence. I find myself doing it more now than just every 60 minutes.

Crazy things are starting to happen. It's almost as if his will has been there the entire time but there has been a wall between me and what has been waiting out there for me the whole time. The second that I let go, and let God take control, was when this wall seemed to lift up...kinda like a garage door.

Opportunities have presented themselves to me, things have been happening that are out of my control and I just know it's God. Skeptics would tend to believe that the events happening in my life are merely coincidence and that they just "happened" at the same time that I chose to open my heart to God. But those of us that follow Christ and understand God's desire for us, and his longing to give us the desires of our heart, know that it's not coincidence...it's God.

So much has happened in just this one week and all of it has been nothing but good....At the beginning of the book, it asks you to take a piece of paper and list ALL the things you long for in life. Whether it's a good desire or not, you just list every desire of your heart. Then it asks you to circle the three to five most important things on that list.

I was amazed yesterday when I took that list out and looked over it again (cuz i have poor memory sometimes). I was surprised to find that God already met me on 3 out of the 4 things I circled (I know...all in one week!). It only shows me that he was there the whole time willing to give me what I desired the most, but was waiting for me to just take a leap of faith and trust him. The fourth thing I had listed will be met too, but it will take some work on my part and finishing the book to really see that one come to pass.

So my encouragement for this week is to remind you that God is right there. He's is humble and loving and just waiting for us to make to the first move. If you feel like you keep hitting a roadblock, then whip out your garage door opener and open the door. Once you do that and finally realize that you can't do things on your own...God will show you the desires of your heart. What I have learned so far from this book is that God wants your love, but he can't force it on you. You have to make the choice to love him too. We can say that we love him and that we are willing to follow the path he has chosen for us...but to actually blindly take that leap is hard for us sometimes. Let's stop thinking about it and really commit.



Blogger Vivian said...

woooooooooot!!! seriously!!! it sounds like you're really seeing God at work! It's so funny that it happens so often in life but when we're so busy, we barely even notice it! Man!! what a good idea to have a physical list to look at and compare ... woohoo!! i can't wait to start!! =)

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