Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What I bought - Week 2

Sadly, I didn't do so well this week. I had anticipated spending less this week as a result of spending so much last week...and because I set a goal for myself. This anti-consumer challenge is much harder than I expected.

I am looking back on the things I spent my money on and trying to understand what happened. It looks like I ate out alot more this week than last week.

Maybe I am not considering "food" as a consumer-related product. I had alot of cravings, social events, and was on the go more.

Exxon Mobile
coffee (got a free water with purchase) - $1.50

Kerby Lane (restaurant)
was craving pumpkin pancakes, so went to lunch with Eric - $25 (for both) only $7 for myself

Thrift Store
My co-worker took me to this amazing thrift store. I bought a purse and a blouse :(
hey, it's recycling right?- $14

Twin Creeks CC
Lauren attended "Kids Movie Night" at the club. We had dinner and drinks with some friends during that time. They put the charges on their member number, but we still participated...so I am counting it. $30 food/drinks, $15 Lauren's activity - $45 total

Home Depot
Eric bought some screws for the fence - $10

They opened up a Buffalo Wild Wings in Cedar Park! We were dying to get some since we haven't had it in over a year and a half! - $24

Freebirds (restaurant)
running errands during lunch - $7

Jo-Ann Fabrics

need supplies for Lauren's Minnie mouse gloves and ears - $14


gas for car (I actually paid $2.99/gal can you believe it! Something positive has come out of this whole market crash) - $40

groceries (mostly meats, dairy, bathroom supplies) - $140
got two free movie tickets as a result of some shampoo and toothpaste I bought (and actually needed)!

Exxon Mobile
coffee (plus free bottle of water) - $1.50

breakfast (forgot my lunch that day and wasn't going to have time to go out to lunch)- $4

BW3's (restaurant)
Eric and I went to lunch. It was "Wings Tuesday" so 35-cent wings! - $19 for both

Wants: $137
Needs: $204

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Blogger Kimberley said...

I think what you spent is pretty normal. You did not buy anything you didn't need! And that's the goal, right? Don't be too hard on yourself :)

9:28 AM

Blogger marii said...

Thanks for the encouraging words. You are right, I didn't buy many items that you would consider "wants", however I want to be brown-bagging it more and eating things that I make from home. That cuts down the cost of food and it's healthier. So we will see how it goes next week.

The fact that they opened up a BW3's near my work/home is going to have a huge impact on my want to eat out more. I am sure this first month will be hard because I haven't had it in a while...and then it will fizzle out.

I didn't put it on there because this posted before I could get to it, but I did have BW3's again this week for lunch Tuesday afternoon. They have 35-cent wings on Tuesday. So I have to go in an edit that later. And, I am pretty certain we will eat there again on Sunday after church...LOL.

10:01 AM

Blogger Vivian said...

oh man.. that sounds yummy!! haha =) Yeah.. Actually Keith and I started bringing lunch boxes this week to work.. Its not too hard and it is cheaper... But who knows how long this'll last.. but it's true.. When you crave something, it's just like... Mmmm.... *whatever it is*.. need to have... haha :)

12:25 PM


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