Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What I bought - Week 3

Well, this was the worst week by far. I see a growing trend....it seems to be getting worse by the week. My realization is that it is impossible to not spend money.

I am consciously trying to only buy the things I need, but I tend to throw that out the window for convenience. Living a minimalistic lifestyle seems almost impossible if you are constantly filling your days with stuff to do.

This upcoming week, my goal is to try and SLOW DOWN. There isn't a need for such a hectic life. I need more motivation to make more food at home and eat lunch at my desk!

groceries - many needed items - $140

Alamo Drafthouse
dinner and a movie (Nick and Norah...was so cute) - $41

gas for Eric's car - $43

needed office supplies - $10

Sam's Club
baby formula, bulk groceries and frozen foods - $182

dinner for the fam - $5
I had a $25 gift card, won that day from a work party

Sweetberry Farms
Took the kids to the pumpkin farm for horse rides, corn maze, and pumpkin painting - $20

Austin American Statesman (newspaper)
A guy came by the house selling the paper, since I need the Sunday paper for coupons, I decided to subscribe for a year - $60

Jo-Ann Fabrics
bought a new sewing machine -$216
the belt on my old one needed replacing. It's old and hard to find, so I decided to buy a new machine since they were on sale and I needed to finish Lauren's costume quick!

Linens 'N Things
needed to buy "Fridge It" for my car (had 20% off coupon) - $14
this needs explanation: So I went to the grocery store last week and bought milk. Eric was helping me unload the groceries from my car and there was a whole bunch of baby clothes and crap from the consignment sale that I hadn't taken out. Well, a jug of milk somehow slid under all those clothes and blankets and he thought he grabbed everything. I assumed he grabbed the milk and put it in the garage fridge (I always buy 2 and put one out in the garage). So the entire week went buy and I didn't notice it missing. We carpool and so I didn't drive my car that week. When I went to grab something from my car it stunk so badly. Eric found the root of the smell and it was the milk that had gone sour in the car. it also leaked onto the baseboard of the trunk. So in order to get the smell out of the car I washed the baseboard as much as I could, but it still stunk. So I bought some Fridge It to try and get rid of the stinky smell.

Mighty Fine (restaurant)
had lunch with Eric - $16

foundation - $25
darn it! I couldn't go one month without hitting the MAC makeup counter. I thought I could, but I was weak. I needed to change my foundation because it was too orange and I couldn't stand it!

Wants: $681
Needs: $435 (I counted the paper as a need...for the coupons)

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Blogger Vivian said...

dude - the newspaper is a good buy! :) It'll save lots, if you consistently use them... :) I'm starting to forget to bring them. =P

Dudddeeee... that's not too bad! But yah, I think the hardest is going out and eating. It's just too easy to do that. We do it more than I would like because we want to spend time with friends and stuff... dah =/

Man! That sucks about the milk! That's one of THE worst smells! Blech! That and spilled chicken liver blood stuff (happened to my dad's car) ... BLAHHHHHHhh =P

6:42 PM


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