Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Learning something new!!

Don't you love when you learn something new everyday...I know I do!

So what did I learn today? Well I was watching Ace of Cakes and it was the one where they make the world's largest cupcake.

Well, he cracked 91 eggs into a bowl and he said not to worry if you get shells in your bowl. Just let the bowl sit for a bit and the egg shells will make their way down to the bottom. So when you pour them out, the shells will stick to the bottom of the bowl and won't get in your cake!

Awesome! If you already knew this...don't comment and tell me that. I want to feel like nobody else knew that either! LOL.


Blogger Vivian said...

I ... did not not know that.... hahah :)

Actually I had forgotten about that lil tip! Thanks for reminding me! :)

2:00 AM

Blogger marii said...

I tried it tonight! It actually worked...LOL!

Vivian...why don't you ever share your prized secrets with me??? I thought we were like this ***crosses fingers to signify "ty-eeeet"****

10:49 PM

Blogger Vivian said...

hahahahh!! I know!! Shame on me right?! hahah :) Actually there are like a ton of cake tips that i have on my desktop somewhere and I have don't even remember what they were! =P I think I read it and think.. woah that's neat but by the time I get around to baking again, I've totally forgotten about it! =P

3:36 PM


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