Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mission: Decorate.....Complete

Last weekend, as you know, we decorated the outside of the house for Christmas. Lauren loves it and thinks we did a great job.

We also got the tree up last weekend, but didn't have enough time to fluff it and decorate it. So this weekend I fluffed it and we began the decorating. Lauren and Eric had a big role in decorating this year!

We had the Christmas music going, the fireplace was blazing, and we all had hot chocolate to sip.

LT was in charge of placing the decorations on the lower part of the tree, while I was in charge of the top of the tree. Eric's job was to put the hooks on the ornaments and place the angel on top of the tree.

We only had one broken ornament. It was partially my fault. I was reorganizing LT's decorating because she had 3 ornaments on one tree limb! So I went to grab some to move them and one slipped off, hit the floor, and crash!!! broke everywhere.

Next weekend we will have Eric's grandparents in town and we will probably visit the Trail of Lights lighting ceremony!! I will put up pics of that if we end up going. I love Christmas!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!


Blogger Vivian said...

Ooohhhh!!!! Soooo pretttyy!!! Great team effort! hahaha =) That is soooooo awesome! It's sooooo cool that LT helped out this year!!! It's nuts how fast she's growing!!! AHhh!!! =) But yah! Beautiful tree guys!!! Nice job!!! =D

Ooh - that Trail of Lights looks sooooo pretty!!! It's gonna be sooo awesome to go through! We have something like that in LA, but people usually drive through it and it's like an hour wait. =P

10:37 AM


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