Friday, December 19, 2008

A night to remember I took Lauren to see her first live show tonight. She loves watching Disney channel in the morning. Her favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (of course), Little Einsteins, Handy Manny, and Tigger and Pooh.

Last week I heard a radio advertisement that the "Playhouse Disney Live! Show" was coming to town. I got online as soon as I could and tried to buy tickets. Well, there weren't any good seats left :( I guess tickets started going on sale back in May...sheesh!

I started researching Craigslist and there were a few people selling tickets. There was your normal reseller that was trying to sell 'terrible seating $30 tickets' for $80-$100! LAME!!!! I did get hooked up with an older couple that had tickets to sell for a reasonable price. I paid $10 over the original price for each ticket. They were the most amazing seats I have ever had...I don't think I have ever been this close to any event!

I took Lauren to the show, while Eric stayed home with Kaeden. This was a perfect evening with "just the girls!" Lauren had been so excited all day that she didn't take a nap at school, so I thought this was going to be a meltdown-disaster evening. Well, she happened to fall asleep on the way to the venue. Luckily, it's about a 45-minute drive and so it was just enough to re-energize her.

I hit traffic on the 35 and started to get worried that we would be super late! Tired of sitting in traffic, I ended up taking an exit and just happened to come upon a shortcut to the venue! haha! I felt like the luckiest person in the world....until I got to parking. Then I realized that I would run into another problem!

I thought I was going to have to park miles away, but decided to try the parking lot right next to the venue. Before we left the house, I had been debating what car to take and decided on the Jetta (ended up being the second smartest decision of the day!). So I get through the parking attendant and proceed to a parking space. There was one RIGHT UP FRONT, in between two ginormous trucks who had parked way over their lines. It was too small for any normal sized car, but my itty-bitty jetta was just the perfect was meant to be!!!! I didn't care if I got dings from their huge doors, cuz it's just the jetta! Well, it just so happens that I got outta there before they even got to their cars (last one in, first one no dings!).

So we got there and I bought Lauren all the nifty toys and snacks and crud. She got a Quincy (Little Einsteins) trumpet that plays "Twinkle, Twinkle little star", a gadget that spins around these light things with Handy Manny on it (kinda of dangerous, if you ask me), a Rocket (Little Einsteins) cup that had a snow cone and squiggly straw, and cotton candy that came with a Handy Manny hard hat. Notice I didn't buy any Mickey Mouse stuff cuz she has plenty of that stuff...because Vivian and Kimmie take care of sending the kids tons of Mickey/Minnie stuff straight from the source...Disneyland!

Okay, so enough about the details....

She absolutely LOVED it! She kept thinking we were going to see the cartoons in a movie theater and didn't understand the LIVE portion of it. When they came out she was so happy and just thought it was the best thing ever. We had FANTASTIC SEATS!!!! I wasn't sure what end of the section we were going to be on, but we ended up on the good end which was almost dead center stage! I felt like I could spit and hit Mickey! hee hee.

Everything was great until the family who sat in the row in front of us showed up. Not to be mean, but the mom had this giant fro (see picture...i had to take a pic, sorry!) and LT could no longer see the show. So I put her in my lap for the rest of the show (which was fine) but I wasted money on a seat that never got used :(

Here are some videos of the show (nevermind, can't get them to work yet. coming soon!) was a perfect evening!

Oh, I didn't get a shot of this but Mickey and Minnie kissed at the end of the show!!! IT WAS SOOOO CUTE!!!


Blogger Kimberley said...

So cute!!! Yes, we do take care of Minnie & Mickey stuff for the kids!!! :) That is annoying with someone blocking you... I think there should be a rule about that.... they can only sit on the ends! And short people should sit in the middle!!! GAH!

12:23 PM

Blogger Vivian said...

Dudeee!!! That must have been AWESOME for her!!!! Like to see your fav shows for reals!! In front of your eyes instead of on a screen!! Soooo adorable that she was so excited she didn't even take a nap! haha! I bet she had awesome dreams that night! =D

Dude!! You seriously went all out on the gear! Love it! hahaha =) Probably going to be one of the days she remembers for the rest of her life! haha =) What a great mom! =D

Holy Cow!1 You seriously got awesome seats! Like just a couple rows from the front! Nice one! Great job on the Craiglist-ing! haha =) Not too bad of a price too!

Bummer about fro-mom.. but at least everything else sounds like it turned out perfectly! =D

Her eyes must've been HUGE when she saw everything in person! Soooo awesome! I can't wait till you guys come out and we can go to Disneyland! She's gonna be like Ahhh!! =D

9:14 PM

Blogger Aaron Abitia said...

Nice. Gah, why is it that the tall people always have to sit right in front of you, with their gigantic heads sticking up like Kilimanjaro?! Good story though.

1:10 AM


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