Friday, January 02, 2009

Rhinorrhea....allergy season, once again.

Okay, so last year around this time I was pregnant. On my birthday (Dec. 21) I got this wonderful present from mother nature. It was a season full of cedar pollen allergies. Texans around here call it "cedar fever."

Since I was pregnant, I was limited to the medications I could take to rid me of this awful allergy. I tried everything...even bought a neti pot. What a mess! Well, nothing worked. I had itchy, watery eyes, back-to-back sneezes and my nose was stuffed up until mid february.

Well, it happened again this year. I was hoping I was just susceptible to it last season because I was pregnant...but it is a permanent allergy. So one day before my birthday I got it again. Well, I have been so lucky to be able to try everything I can get my hands on....zyrtec, claritin, nose sprays, allergy eye drops...anything and everything. But guess what? Nothing works! And to top it all off I have Rhinorrhea!!!!!

What the heck is rhinorrhea you ask????? Well, basically it is diarrhea of the nose! haha. It won't stop running. I am going through boxes and boxes of Puffs. This is the tiny drop that runs down your nose when you are sick...this is like blowing 1/2 cup of liquid out of my nose.

yes, I know it's gross....but i just had to blog about it (typing, while a tissue is stuffed up each of my I am not posting a picture!)


Blogger Aaron Abitia said...

Did you ever get an air purifier for the inside of the house at least?

Mother nature...pffft...what a bitch.

2:20 AM

Blogger Vivian said...

Ohhh yahhhh =P Allergies... had them all my life.. totally SUCKS!!! It's weird but I think I'm getting a lil better about them in that I did allergy shots for a while and now my allergies are not as bad... I think I only get them like twice a year for only a couple days! The shots suck but at least I'm not miserable for 2/3 of the year =P

Hope you feel better! =/

10:08 AM


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