Thursday, November 20, 2008

Update: Anti-Consumerism

All of my failures so far have been a result of my new job. I love my new job, but it definitely jolted my lifestyle 180 degrees. I have faced so many new changes and I am trying to slowly adjust back to a normal lifestyle.

As a result, my quest to move away from being a consumer whore has failed miserably. I didn’t have time during my last two weeks of my “Anti-Consumer cause” to post what I had been spending…frankly, I wasn’t keeping track either. I am saving most of you a panic attack anyway because if you would have seen what I ended up spending, you probably would have dropped dead. It was quite a bit. Over the last month (this includes the undocumented 2 weeks), the majority of my purchases went to clothes and take-out.

I have moved from a company where we dressed very casually to a company that was full-on business dress. I felt like I needed to go back to wearing what I used to wear at Eaton. I know, you are thinking, “why didn’t you just pull out all your old Eaton clothes.” That is a great idea! I would have loved to have done that…However, those were the days before I had another child and no time to exercise. So sadly, those beautiful size 8 clothes no long fit on this fat butt of mine! So I ended up having to buy a whole new wardrobe. I know, I probably could have gotten by with a week’s worth of clothes and just worn the same thing every week…but I kinda went overboard and bought a month’s worth of outfits, accessories, and shoes. Blah…the consumer whore in me kinda took over my mind and wallet.

The other huge expense this past month was eating out a lot. I was trying to adjust to the new schedule which didn’t allow me anytime to cook. The first week on the job, I was getting home around 7pm and was exausted. So I bought dinner every night that week. Since then, I think I have actually cooked about 10 meals. That means the rest of the nights I bought fast food or we ate out at a restaurant. Also with any new job comes some socializing and getting to know people…so most of the time I eat lunch with people from my group. Today was actually one of 3 days I have eaten lunch at my desk. Finally, Eric started his new job too and he is going through the same thing…eating lunch with guys from his group. I can’t even begin to think what that is costing us. And I am not talking McDonalds here either…there are so many nice places to eat in the area where we work so lunch is costing anywhere between $12-$20 each.
On top of that…the shopping itch got to me after buying all those clothes for myself. Once I overload on shopping like that, it becomes an addiction for me. So I went out and basically bought LT an entire new wardrobe, and stocked up on some clothes for Kaeden. They both needed it way more than I did because they had grown out of almost everything they were wearing…and they needed winter clothes.

A friend from Chicago came to visit me a couple of weekends ago. Of course that meant spending more money too. We went out to 6th street, which means spending money on food and drinks AND getting a babysitter. We ate out every night she was here because I didn’t know what to make her (she’s a vegetarian…so I didn’t know what to make).

I am scared to look at the bank account to see how much it has depleted over the last month….With that said, I have recognized the error in my ways and am slowly trying to get back to my consumer-conscious goals that I once had. I realized this weekend that I completely overspent…and I need to bring it down drastically.


Blogger Kimberley said...

Awwwww, don't be too hard on yourself :) There's no point with the holidays coming up! Everyone's spending lotsa moola too! :P

10:06 AM

Blogger Vivian said...

Man - with two new jobs, I know that's gotta be tough! Like you said, it's not just the wardrobe, with the new job, but you want to go out with everyone and make sure you get to know them and stuff before you start holing yourself in and eating at your desk and stuff... We totally have done that before.

Just think of your clothes and this current timing of going out to eat w/ the company as like an investment, since you will be wearing those clothes again, and seeing all those people every day... sooooo :) It's okay. It just happened that it all hit at once.

And dude, with the kids - they grow and especially now, they grow fast! haha :) I agree with Kimmy - don't be too hard on yourself!

And yah, with the holidays coming up... More monies are probably going to be spent, I guess just try to make a budget and stick to it, best you can! :)

3:11 PM


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