Thursday, October 19, 2006

Survivor Week Seis -- that's 6 in spanish

or like my friend Keith Oh yes, we are at 6 weeks and the plot thickens!

Wow! The reward challenge was brutal! Candice was putting up a good fight which led their team to another win!

I think that Jenny had the first crotch shot they have had to blur out this entire
Usually there has been a handful of boobs and butt that make it on the first 4 weeks.
Did you s
ee Christina whipping out the cop talk to Roller girl??? She is vicious! She was like, "get your hands off my neck" she totally didn't like being in that position...what cop would?? She was pulling hair and trying to take all her clothes off!

I love how they kicked off two people this week. They must have had to cut a show for one reason or another...LOL. What a great surprise though. It was time they added a twist in the game because it was getting boooooring! You know what i have noticed? They position the votes oh so perfectly - Jenny, Christina, Jenny, Christina, Jenny, oh guess what? Christina!

OH MY GOSH! I totally didn't see Cowboy getting voted off tonight. They really edited that good because I thought Jonathan was for sure going. Poor Rollergirl was totally surprised too!!!! Eric said he kinda knew they were setting Cao Boi up. Oh well, I thought Jonathan was creepy and I was hoping he would go, but I guess he wasn't creepy enough!

Until next week my friends!


Blogger vivian said...

heheh ;) vi.. hehehe :) Anyways!!!
Yah, that was a much more interesting Survivor. :)

Yah, that was pretty neat to see how in the world people were gonna try to keep themselves from getting themselves of the line. Rollergirl sure threw herself in there! And man!! Candice really did put up a really good fight! Surprising since she looks so small! It was really cute later at tribal council when Adam was like - yah, Candice really set the tone and put up a huge fight - I was like.. AWwwwww.. he still likes her ;) But yah, Christina really did put up a huge fight too - I mean, if her fellow cop-mates saw her, I'm sure they'd expect that she did put up a good fight.

Yah, Jonathan is creepy - there's just somethign aobut the way he is that makes him that way tho. =/ And the way he acts or looks around is kinda snakey looking. hahah :)

hehe - Cao Boi was kinda funny at the end - when he was like, man there are asians that are like me and asians that aren't - and I have to learn that I can't trust them. or something.. heheheh ;) It's so funny that he always plays the race thing - like when he was talking earlier, he was like, we can't let the Caucasians group together... =P

You know what's funny.. is that I love reading your blog before I get to watch Survivor so I don't have to feel ugh of the suspense.. I'm such a lamer. Woohoo!! :)

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