Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh barf!

Okay...wow, I am a blogging fool tonight. I don't watch much TV, but tonight I have the TV on and I just got through watching this stupid commercial.

Two boys are sitting at the table. One boy is eating sugary cereal and the other boy basically is giving him crap saying he must not know how bad high-fructose corn syrup is for him.

Then the kid eating the cereal begins to defend corn syrup saying "it's made from corn and it's nutrionally the same as sugar, and it's fine in moderation." I am so amazed that they are trying to tell people that this crap is actually good for you!!! Ha ha! Amazing....

On the same note....FDA has finally approved Stevia as a natural sweetener. Bye Bye aspartame and you devilish Splenda!!! We now have a NATURAL no-cal sweetner that won't kill you! I haven't actually bought it yet, but Truvia is what I am seeing ads for.

I will personally stay with my Agave nectar for natural sweetner for now. I hear that the soda companies are already starting to formulate their diet drinks around stevia....interesting!!


Blogger Vivian said...

AAHHHHH!! Geeeezz!!! You don't blog and then you blog like 3 times!! More for me to read! ;)

Hey btw - The sugar cookies were NOT from scratch - Actually though, I'm making some next weekend for a Bridal Shower from scratch... I'll let you know how that recipe turns out! :)

1:46 AM

Blogger Vivian said...

Dudeeee!!! I totally agree!! I was like.. huh... interesting. haha :)

But yeah.. kinda funny.. a friend actually said something the other day that made me a lil weirded out... He asked if I had Splenda for some tea and I was like, Nope, sorry. And then he was like, "Huh. I thought you eat healthy".. and I was like... "I do...." ?!?! But I was thinking.. what does Splenda have to do with eating healthy... if I'm going to use a lil bit of sugar, I'll use natural sugar, if I use it at all and usually, I drink my tea w/o sugar =P

1:53 AM

Blogger Vivian said...

btw - keith and i love the photo for this blog. ;)

1:56 AM

Blogger marii said...

Yea, i found that corn photo and was like...OH I LOVE IT! Then it was so big and I totally thought it looked good all big like that...haha.

That is so weird about the splenda. Who thinks just cuz you eat healthy, you use splenda...LOL. Uh, healthy would mean no sweetner at all!

Gosh Viv...I thought you were healthy. Apparently not! hee hee.

10:47 PM


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