Thursday, November 02, 2006

Week 7 - almost to the merge!!!

The lucky winner tonight was Roller Girl! Flika!

I liked the catalog they set up for the reward challenge! Way cool! potatoes and peanut butter totally! I would have gone for protein and carbs too! However, the actual challenge would have sucked for me! I totally couldn't open my eyes in salt water...that would totally hurt! Becca was so out of it that her top was up and she was flashing everyone!!! Even when they told her to put her top down...LOL. Poor thing :( but it sucked for her team because she couldn't go out again cuz she was so spent!!!

And Ozzy was the hero by breaking the thing with the key with HIS fist!! that was pretty cool i have to say! And can you imagine...taking a poop and there is a bird sleeping right there! How can you be quiet and not wake him up when you are pooping??? LOL!

Freakin Flika! Why, oh why wont they ever vote Jonathan off??? The guy is freakin creepy and I am just waiting for the day he is voted off! Why! Why wasn't it tonight...who knows...prolly cuz Flika freaked out and annoyed everyone with her begging...LOL.

Oh, but next week looks good. Brad is finally getting to everyone! Down with another asian! LOL! Like the old crock hunter used to say "Criaghkey!"


Blogger vivian said...

wooohoo!!! getting kinda crazy!! Yah, I'm surprised as well that Jonathan isn't voted off yet. Looks like the merger might be in sight! :)

Sucks that Brad thought he was so good at puzzles that he shouldn't be one to be a swimmer - poor other lady who lost her top. =( but man!!! Ozzy is really pretty good! Keith says that he's like a Hispanic Bobby John. Crazy fast like a little seal. hahah :) And he's super good at like finding food and stuff! And just like smashing things with his hands! Not bad - not bad. :)

Kind of a bummer that rollergirl left - I don't think Keith was fond of her but I think she was a pretty strong competitor - especially after watching that one wear she was like wrestling - scarryy!!

Btw - saw Borat - Keith loved it and so did everyone else in the theater. I think I laughed like 4 times. =P I'd rather see the Prestige again. :)

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