Thursday, March 19, 2009

Birthday Party Wrap-up

So it's been a few weeks, almost a month since the party, and I am finally catching up on the wrap up. Most of you have already seen the pictures from the party, but I wanted to post a few of my faves.

The party was a huge success! We had 29 kids and tons of adults. JW Tumbles was such a fun place to have the party. They had plenty of room and the kids never got bored! I really think all the kids had a fantastic time. The staff was so good with all the kids and they were very accommodating. They just had one activity after another and each one was a big hit. Lauren enjoyed having all her friends there and I found out that she is a compulsive line cutter! It was her birthday, so everyone tolerated it but when I found out I was very strict about her letting everyone else have a turn!

Kaeden had such a blast eating his cake. He really dove into it (unlike his sister at her 1st). He got super messy! He loves cake. When I went to take it away from him, he threw such a big fit. It was all smooshed in his was disgusting! He even picked it up once and flipped the cake over!

The food layout was phenominal! We had so many snacks and everyone commented on how delicious it was. We had my famous grape jelly meatballs, my special spinach dip, fresh fruit salad, cheese and crackers with summer sausage, veggie platter, pasta salad, chips and queso, goldfish crackers. I even had little snacks for the smaller kids like cheerios, fruit bits, and veggie puffs (it's a baby snack). I had little sippie cups with organic milk or juice, organic juice water, and mini pods of water (along with sodas for the adults).

The cake from Ann's Kitchen was scrumptious! I am so glad I went with their cake instead of Lucy's Cakes. I was extremely pleased with the flavor and decorating...everyone raved about the cake. It was chocolate with vanilla buttercream and chocolate gooey filling! They even made a special tiny cake for Kaeden's smash cake.

The kids and the parents really enjoyed the monkey cookies! They were all impressed that I made them and that they tasted so yummy! I am so glad I ended up doing the cookie instead of bag full o crap! It was totally worth it. (props to vivian for helping me come up with the idea and the remote help on assembly/design!)

Lauren and Kaeden received so many wonderful gifts. We didn't have time to open them at the party, so we opted to spend the time opening them at home. Lauren was thrilled to open all of them, including Kaeden's!

Wish you guys could have been would have made it even more perfect!


Blogger Vivian said...

freaking fantastic! hahah :) Dude, you did such an awesome job!!! Everything looks so perfect and delicious! Makes me wonder what they're birthdays are gonna be like in future years. haha :)

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