Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Wishlist???

Okay, this is so funny....
I don't know if you guys ever look at the information to the right, but there is a section called "My Wishlist." I am not sure where that information is pulled from, but it does not come from any database that I am associated with (oh, how i love relational databases...but this one is not mine!).
The wishlist I see right now says:
  • Web Standard Solutions - a link to amazon about an HTML book. Okay, maybe I can see myself using something like this...but really not anything I am wishing for!
  • CSS Mastery - a link to another book on amazon. Sure, I would love to master CSS because I am a software person, but again not a wish!
  • Multicolored bolero :) This is what really caught my attention. Of course I need a miniature version of a bolero! Are you kidding me, it's what I have always dreamed did this software application know the true desires of my heart!?!?
Where in the world did I pick up this "Wishlist" Gadget. It's hysterical. I need to keep watching it and see what other interesting things I should be wishing for!!


Blogger Vivian said...

Dude that is AWESOME! I know! I saw that a while ago.. and I was like... Whhaaatttt.. this must be like default stuff... or else marii really wants a multi-colored bolero... !?!?!? hahah =) awesome.

6:44 PM


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