Sunday, March 22, 2009

A day in the park!

We are having such fantastic weather here in Austin that it was a great chance to go to the park. My mother was visiting this weekend and we noticed it was very breezy today, so we bought some kites for the kids to fly.

I searched online for a great park in Cedar Park and "BOY!" did we find one! There is a fantastic place not too far from the home called Champion Park. It's located right on the water. We packed up a picnic lunch, the kites, and our fishing gear. Unfortunately, my camera batteries were dead so I had to improvise with my iPhone camera (which isn't that great).

Our picnic was wonderful! We had veggie sandwiches, a turkey sandwich for LT and Kade, baked veggie chips, pickles and some drinks. The picnic areas there are great and would perfect for a birthday party! Guess where our next birthday will be! The picnic area was near the whale wash. It was this skeleton of a whale where water would shoot down. It wasn't working because they hadn't turned it on yet, but it's going to be great this summer when it's really hot! There was also this area with big boulders the kids could climb on and around. They weren't real rocks, but they were sturdy enough to be!

After lunch, we headed over to the Sand Pit. This thing was awesome! Giant sand box with tons of plastic toys and giant backhoes. They even have giant fossil replicas of dinosaurs you can excavate!!

I couldn't get the kids away from this attraction and wish I had made this the last stop. Kaeden had so much fun playing and he even ate a couple handfuls of sand! After the second bite, he decided it wasn't so tasty. When it was time to go, he nearly threw a fit because he didn't want to leave... LT did throw a fit! ha!

Next stop was the fishing area. They had a beautiful bridge and a riverbed to fish from. I saw people Kayaking, so it's a pretty good size river. There was a rocky area further down where the water trickled into a stream. It sounded so relaxing.

We didn't bring any bait and so there were no bites on the fishing line. Perhaps next time we will come prepared to catch a little fish! Lauren just likes to reel in her tiny fishing pole and carry her miniature tackle box...she doesn't care if a tiny fish is caught or not!

Our final activity was to fly the kites. It was a very windy day...perfect for kite flying. We had a blast flying kites. Lauren had a medium-sized one and Kaeden had a mini kite that had a super-duper long tail. My mom got her diamond-shaped kite WAY UP HIGH!! I was impressed!

Ok, you can't see Kaeden's mini kite very well, but it's on the image for the full picture!

It was a great day and I will definitely be going there again SOON! I wish you guys were here to share the awesome park with us!


Blogger Kimberley said...

So Cute! Parks are so much fun! Was that you in the cute red dress? It's that warm over there? It's semi-warm here, but no sundresses yet!

8:44 AM

Blogger Vivian said...

AWwwwwww!! Soooo fun!!! I love that LT likes to do the fishing thing... but doesn't care about the fishing part. hahaha :) Awesome. Dude! They are getting big sooo fast!! it's insane!! That looks like so much fun!! :)

11:58 AM


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