Thursday, November 09, 2006

Week 8 - The jury begins!!!!!

That was crazy when Jeff offered mutiny at today's reward challenge. What would have happened if they all stepped off the would have been an automatic merge. Ha Ha! The reward challenge looked fun! I would totally want to ride inside the barrel!

I never liked her jump to the other team just makes me dislike her even more. Jonathan is an idiot and has always been one of the least favorite for me since the beginning. He really needs to go and I have a feeling he will (I am writing this while watching it!) if his team loses the challenge. Ha ha...Jeff was offended when Jonathan said "Oh please Jeff!"...ha ha, Jeff was like "Jonathan getting a little annoyed!"

Aitu is kicking butt. I always liked Ozzy and thought they were dumb for wanting to vote him out. Now he has become a tight and integral part of this team. I am really happy they won the immunity challenge too. Go asians...LOL. OH here we go! I foresee Jonathan finally getting kicked off!

DANGIT! Everytime I think Jonathan is going to go....he slips by! Why does this always happen? Why couldn't Brad shut his mouth and not say anything stupid like "I don't trust everybody on this tribe!" What a weenie!!!!

Well, goodbye Brad! You may be creative-spacial like you claimed, but you are no smooth talker! And the Jury begins...dah dah daaaaaah!


Blogger vivian said...

Woohooo!!!! JURY!!!!! Who would've thought?! Dude, all we have to say is that Aitu ROOOCCKKKKSSS!!!! And Ozzy is so freaking awesome!!! WOohoo!!! We hope they don't merge yet so that they can keep picking off the other team!

Dude! Did you see like Ozzy swimming like a dolphin hanging on to that rope and just pulling that barrel?!?! SOOO CRAZY!!!

Anyways - finally! A Survivor to get excited about again! Woohoo!!! Keith and I were happy with this one! Yay! :)

2:02 PM

Blogger vivian said...

yay! New survivor tonight!! WOOOHOOOO!!! :)

2:08 PM

Blogger vivian said...


6:01 PM

Blogger marii said...

last week, my computer crashed and it had all my comments on a I was bummed that I didn't get to post my blog....and then I forgot!!!!

It was a busy week. I will try to recap and put a pick up. I was totally bummed tho!

10:28 AM


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