Thursday, November 30, 2006

Week 11 - TENSION is rising!

Wow...tension was high at the Aitutonga tribe this week! Last week's tribal council really was a stunner! Parvarti was pissed and I commend Jonathan for being honest with them after the tribal council by telling them that if he hadn't flipped then he would have been sent home. I thought it was crazy that he told them that Yul had the immunity idol, but hey--he was being honest and now they can't use that against him!

This reward challenge has always been my most favorite! I love the auction...hee hee. I would have totally bid up the bath and chocolate cake! mmmmm.....CHOCOLATE CAKE! Man, when the power card came out at the reward challenge...I was blown away! I knew that Yul would back Becky and that was cool--so they could both have the power! But I can't believe how cold Becky was....CANDICE AGAIN! She is going to have a super emotional breakdown if she gets sent to Exile Island for a 5th time! I can't beleive Jonathan raked up all the food at the challenge! A little cocky on Yul's part to expose the immunity idol!

The immunity challenge was crazy. I am disappointed that the Asians didn't do well in a memory/numbers game! What!? So Adam did good on the challenge and got immunity. Tribal council was crazy...but first, let's talk about the selfishness in camp...what was up with the fish meal! Even though Jonathan saved the old tribe's but, he is still annoying and I have always wanted him gone...maybe it will be tonight.

The tribal council was viscous tonight! There was just alot of hatred and finger-pointing. Even though Yul didn't want to do it...they stuck with Jonathan and voted Candice. There was a little soft porn at the end of Tribal council--and I think Jeff got a little jealous because he said something about a kiss is great, but if Adam really loved her, then he would have given her the Immunity necklace....ha ha sucker! He's not giving that up for nuthin!


Blogger vivian said...

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8:20 PM

Blogger vivian said...

Dude - you know what?! Adam is such a sleeeze-ball. Sooo gross. Did you see a couple episodes ago where him and Parvati were in the tent cuddling and stuff.. Soooo gross!!! And we have NO clue how in the world Adam remembered all those numbers and Yule & Becky didnt'!? hahah ;) we're like - whhatt... aren't the asians supposed to remember all the numbers and stuff. We were just surprised that none of Aitu moved on. =/ But it WAS very cool that Jonathan decided to flop - wooohooo!! Save Ozzy!! :) I can't wait till next week!! Wooohooo! :) I don't care who - but i hope the final two are Aitu people.

8:21 PM

Blogger vivian said...

HEY!!! Do you still have your universal TV turner-offer?? :)

1:31 AM

Blogger marii said...

yes, I you need it?

yea, adam is such a sleeze-ball! I think he is stupid! It blew me away that he flew through those numbers so quick...maybe he is smarter than we think!

I hope Aitu people make it in the final two also. Did you hear Yul talking to Becky about getting votes in the final two? If I was becky, I would start thinking that Yul was playing me. Remember he was strategizing with her in the woods about what he should do because Adam told him that they would vote for him if he didn't boot them off the island first.

I think when they called Yul the 'ringleader' he totally let that get to his head. I think you will start noticing a change in Yul...for the worst. He might start to have a big head like he is smarter than everyone else or something like that. I hope I am wrong...but you never know!

10:33 AM

Blogger vivian said...

Boooo!!! BOOOOO!! YEAHHHH!! Keith was saying the same thing about Yul!! Dahh - kinda sucks. Yeah, he was saying to Becky about the whole "but if I bring Jonathan - I know I can get the votes" blah blah.. =/

But then keith was saying that he might bring becky just because earlier yul was saying somethign about how people need more asian rolemodels in the world or something. hahah :)

Anyways - I guess we'll seee!!! :) I actually hope Ozzy makes it to the final two! :) He's like a monkey!

1:59 PM


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