Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Week Nine: It's a TWO-fer!

okay...sorry about the late post. I wrote it up and the computer ate it up! I will try to do my best to remember all my complaints and high fives........I am going to work backwards from the tribal council to the beginning of the show, since it is the freshest in my mind.

So this week's tribal council was a freaking surprise...not one, but TWO people got kicked off! Of course Rebecca was going...goes to show you that you can't be lazy around camp man! Then as sting likes to sing, "message in a bottle"...SURPRISE! You must vote another person off. I thought FOR SURE this was going to be my big night and I was
finally going to see Jonathan go, but they didn't vote for him! WHAT!?!? They vote Jenny? They totally blindsided her and voted someone off the alliance...must not have been a strong alliance.

So the Asians won both reward and immunity challenges! 4 in a row baby...I am talking about one strong team here! Man, Ozzy is the bomb...he is like a fish. If only he knew how close he was to being voted off! I can't beleive they were going vote out one of the strongest players!

Aitu did so good on the reward challenge. They were digging in the sand like professional Meerkats (I love Meerkat Manor, otherwise I would have said dogs!) and the other team was just sooooo pitiful. Especially Jonathan. They couldn't dig if their life depended on it! South by Southeast or South by Southwest....duh, what? what direction is North....come ON!

I love that Aitu sent Candice back to Exile Island. Of course you are going to be punished Candice, did you think otherwise??? Quit your crying! You were the one who left them high and dry, my friend!

And speaking of Candice...did you see the romance in the air...She and Adam are hittin' it! Deaaaammmm! I wouldn't kiss anyone on Survivor...can you imagine how gross their breath is! Yuck.

Well, just one more day and we get a special Thanksgiving Survivor. They better not do a re-cap of this season. That is going to totally piss me off!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family...even though Vivian is the only one that is going to read this!


Blogger vivian said...

woohooo!! Survivor is really getting good!! GOooooo Ozzy!!! Yeah!!! I can't wait for next post cuz it gets even better! :) :)

Happy thanksgiving!! I hope you guys had a wonderful meal! We're sooo thankful to have such wonderful friends as you guys!!! :) MISS YOU!! *HUGS!!!*

5:25 PM

Blogger vivian said...

Ooh! Keith was saying that there are only 4 more weeks left of Survivor - and there are still 8 people left!! Looks like there's gonna be some crazy episodes coming up! :)

5:49 PM

Blogger marii said...

that stinks...only 4 more weeks. Then what are we going to watch. Where is the new apprentice!

9:22 PM


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