Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Finale -- It's over!

Well, tonight is the finale. I didn't write about Thursday's episode becuase they were all in the same week. Actually, Thursday's episode was kinda boring. All I have to say about that episode is that I hope Ozzy wins it all cuz he totally is the real survivor! I hope I see him win it...if he keeps winning the challenges (which he will), then he will surely win it!

Now, onto the finale. It starts off with a challenge that Ozzy (of course) won. It was a really close one though because Adam almost got him! What blows me away is this guy is just a waiter and he totally is capable of so much more. Not to dis waiters, because I was one for about 10 years! It just seems like he could be such a different person...maybe winning this thing would give him that opportunity.

I am really happy that the final four ended up being the underdogs. That team really worked hard to stay together and keep a strong team. They were all open with eachother and really worked hard to stay in it...however, they were dumb not to bring out the immunity idol. Unless they made some pact not to use it or whatever...they should have flushed it out! stupid decision.

There was alot of different stuff going on during the final days of Survivor. They let the final four do the Rights of Passage...not the final three. So that threw me off! And the fact that they said it was the "final" immunity challenge...woah! That took me by surprise too! So the big kicker was that there is going to be three people up for the million dollars!

The final immunity challenge was so tough. I can't believe how long Ozzy and Sundra stayed up fighting for that third place! I thought Ozzy was going to lose it for so long...he caught himself so many times, but finally outlasted Sundra. It was intense!

When Yul told Becky he would give her the idol, it blew me away. I know he values their friendship, but what a bold move! I agree with Ozzy that it should be fair and they should duke it out between the two girls.

It was a great idea, but who knew it was going to take these girls sooooooooo long to make a freaking fire. That was the most pitiful thing I have ever seen! They had to stop after an hour or so and go to matches! WTF! That is so sad...they couldn't even get there with matches! Oh, this was the funniest thing I have ever seen on survivor! Then to make it even funnier...Sundra RAN OUT OF MATCHES! Oh my goodness, I think I was laughing so hard I cried! This was the most ridiculous thing EVAR! What the heck would have happened if Becky ran out of matches?

So the final tribal council was okay. I thought it was funny how Candice called Yul out for beating around the bush...ha ha! Jonathan was the other funny one...what the heck did he say to Yul? i couldn't understand the question/statement. I felt bad for Becky cuz nobody really asked her any questions...I guess they weren't even considering her. It is just kinda dumb how they made three people go up there...they should have just stayed with the same format.

So the decision was torn for me...I have always wanted Yul to win (go Koreans!), but in the last 4 or so episodes have really wanted Ozzy to win. I began to really root for Ozzy because he was the underdog of the group and he just kept winning and winning and winning!!!

In the end, Yul ended up winning and I got my first wish...when they announced the winner I was I guess I really wanted Ozzy to win. Yul was a strong player and he was smart, but I don't was a hard decision for me.


Blogger vivian said...

i agree!! Goo yule and yet, too bad Ozzy didn't win. :) Oh well! :) I think this was an awesome season! Underdogs came out ahead! woohoooo :) honestly, it's probably because Yule did go and like swing jonathan on to his side with his crazy talking.. :)

Btw, Apprentice is WEIRD this season.. not really our cup of tea.. =P Geeez... LA.. =P

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