Thursday, December 07, 2006

Survivor 12 - Finally!!!!!!!!!!

Okay...when Parvarti chopped her thumb it was so gross! I was squirming in my seat...they totally didn't need to show that much on TV!

I love the family always almost bring tears to my eyes. I thought it was funny that no one had spouses/significant others...there was alot of family like brothers, sisters, moms, and dads. I think Jonathan was the only one who had a spouse.

I thought it was so awesome that Parvarti and Adam brought tons of food back from the reward challenge. It was funny that Becky, Yul and Ozzy felt bad for hiding all the food! ha ha!

The immmunity challenge was rough! We know it was mean to laugh, but Sundra took a plunge and I though for a second I was watching MXC!!! Eric and I were laughing so hard...we had to rewind it like 4 times! ha ha ha.

FINALLY....the day has come when Jonathan has finally been voted out!! I never thought this day would come!Woot! It was not as satisfying as I thought it would be...LOL!


Blogger vivian said...

That is soooo funny!! I feel like your comments are exactly how we felt!! Keith pointed out there were like no SOs and then when Sundra fell - TOTALLY reminded me of MXC.. hahahah :) But yah - Snakey Jonathan finally gets voted!!! WOohooo!!!

hehe =) it was really funny when they brought back food - and the Aitu people were like.. doohhh...

I just dunno though - Did you see the preview for the next week? It looks like Ozzy might turnnnnn!! DAHH!! OZZY!!!

12:35 AM


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