Saturday, November 05, 2005

7 months!

Okay, well I have made it 7 months! This is getting very exciting. I just wanted you guys to see how big I have gotten! Compared to my last picture down below, I am gi-normous!

Well, I am between 161-165 pounds right now and I'm feeling very healthy. I have some low hemoglobin, the doctor says, and that is caused by a low intake of iron. So my doctor put me on Iron supplements and asked that I eat a bit more spinach and broccoli. Apparently, low iron can cause the baby to not get enough oxygen. So I don't want to suffocate poor little Lauren.

I thought about getting a 3D/4D ultrasound. Those seem pretty cool because you can actually see the baby's facial features like she is right in front of you. Eric decided it wouldn't be a good idea and that we needed some element of surprise. So we are not going through with it.

We registered today at Babies R Us. It was very tiresome! I went through every isle and tried to think of everything I might need for Lauren. I think we got some pretty good stuff on the list. I am headed to Target next weekend and then I should be all caught up on that stuff :)

Other than that...we are all doing great! I think Dax has finally realized that something is changing because he has been rather clingy lately. He does give me lots more love. I keep giving him super loving, even though I am not supposed to. Apparently, they say that I need to ween him off of his clinginess so that when the baby comes he won't be I am struggling with that!

Okay, well I am off to eat another meal! I miss and love you guys!