Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Where does the time go???

Wow. I just noticed it has been 8 weeks since my last post. Man, having a baby must keep you so busy that you become outdated in your blog. I also noticed I didn't put up any pictures lately...including adding pictures to my past posts. So I am going to do it now!

So much has happened since I last wrote. Looks like the last thing that I wrote about was still being in that awful hospital. Well, they let me go early! I was supposed to leave on Friday and I got outta there on Wednesday. If I had to stay another day in that dingy hospital I would have died!

Lauren is taking to Kaeden very well. She has been an amazing sister. She helps out wherever she can and she is always happy to see Kaeden. She always greets him with a sweet "baaaby Kaaaaeden!" and shouts "hold baby Kaeden, hold baby Kaeden". They are the bestest of friends (as you can tell by the picture!).

This morning she woke up and I was changing his diaper. She went to hug his head and he smiled at her! 8 weeks of hearing her loving voice and I think he finally realized it was his big Sister! It was so cute!

Kaeden is growing big. He's finally starting to get chubby arms and legs to match that big chubby head of his. For the longest time he had this big chubby head and then you would remove the blanket only to see skinny bird legs and arms! What a satellite he had on top of those shoulders. Reminds me of that movie So I Married an Ax Murderer where the dad makes fun of his kid's large head. LOL.

He has started moving a bit more, but is still just kinda laying there. He looks around and see alot more now. I can tell he sees things because he gets a scared look on his face when I come into his sight too fast. He stares at the lights because they are bright and he's always facing that direction cuz he's laying down! He wiggles around alot and gets out of the tightest swaddles I can make! I tried to prop him up for a picture, but he just looks uncomfortable!!

All in all, we have been doing great. We are getting used to schedules, going back to school and work, and just trying to get by. Time sure does fly when you are busy chasing after one kid and figuring out what the other one needs!! I will try to keep you updated on everything that's check back often!