Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Never Watch the News Again

This world is filled with such horrible people today. Why do there have to be so many evil people out there. I know I am pregnant and that I am an emotional wreck sometimes, but last night I was brought to tears by the following story about Baby Grace. Sometime back, they found a toddler in the Galveston Bay and named her Baby Grace. Well, yesterday the 19-year old mother came forward and confessed that she and her 24-year old husband (step-father) murdered the child. The story reported the following:

In a statement to police included in the affidavit, Trenor, 19, said she and Zeigler, 24, killed Riley on July 24.

The girl was beaten with leather belts, had her head held underwater in a bathtub and then was thrown across a room, her head slamming into a tile floor on July 24, Trenor said in the document. She said they kept the body in a storage shed for one to two months before they put it in a plastic bin and dumped it into Galveston Bay.

I can't stop thinking about this little girl and how much abuse she must have suffered even before this event. How can people do this? How can they hurt such an innocent and beautiful child (she has the face of an angel). I know my daughter could never upset me so much that I would even consider something like this. Why does stuff like this continue to happen in this world?

Anyway, I am sorry to post such a downer post...but I just can't stop thinking about it. I didn't even know who to pray for when I watch this. I am just so appalled by some people's actions. It upsets me even more that these people will probably plead temporary insanity and live out a sentence in prison. They should be beaten with belts, drowned and their heads slammed into a tile floor. That would be the proper justice for their actions.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fish is bad :(

I love fish...I love seafood. Anytime I get a chance, I eat it. When I go out to eat, I usually order it and I buy from the supermarkets at least once a week. It's healthy, right? So why not eat it as regularly as you can!

A few nights ago, I couldn't sleep so I went to the living room and started watching TV. It was early enough for me to catch the ABC Morning News. To my horror, they began reporting about seafood imported from other countries and how unclean they were. The very stuff I buy in the supermarkets and at restaurants is now under investigation for being contaminated!

I will never buy seafood from the supermarket again. I have vowed to only eat fresh fish. I will either catch it myself or make sure I know I am getting fresh domestic fish before I buy.

The full article at:

Basically, here are the keypoints from the article.....
Avoiding foreign seafood may be a difficult task for consumers because almost all the seafood sold in supermarkets comes from developing nations, like Indonesia, China and Costa Rica.

Lab tests routinely detect antibiotics, which are banned for use in food in the United States. Some foreign countries use the antibiotics to treat fish raised in crowded conditions, where bacteria, viruses and parasites can breed.

One of the things often found in imported fish is a fungicide called malachite green, which is illegal to use in food in the United States because studies show it can causes cancer and birth defects.

Sparks said he has seen firsthand how tainted foreign seafood can be. He's traveled to Vietnam and witnessed fish farmed in sewage.

Lab testers said even when farmers in nations like China have shipment rejected for an illegal chemical, they simply switch to another harmful chemical.

"Consumers may be getting a dose of antibiotics with their seafood dinner and that's something the government should stop," said Caroline Smith Dewaal, of the Center for Science and Public Interest.