Thursday, November 30, 2006

Week 11 - TENSION is rising!

Wow...tension was high at the Aitutonga tribe this week! Last week's tribal council really was a stunner! Parvarti was pissed and I commend Jonathan for being honest with them after the tribal council by telling them that if he hadn't flipped then he would have been sent home. I thought it was crazy that he told them that Yul had the immunity idol, but hey--he was being honest and now they can't use that against him!

This reward challenge has always been my most favorite! I love the auction...hee hee. I would have totally bid up the bath and chocolate cake! mmmmm.....CHOCOLATE CAKE! Man, when the power card came out at the reward challenge...I was blown away! I knew that Yul would back Becky and that was cool--so they could both have the power! But I can't believe how cold Becky was....CANDICE AGAIN! She is going to have a super emotional breakdown if she gets sent to Exile Island for a 5th time! I can't beleive Jonathan raked up all the food at the challenge! A little cocky on Yul's part to expose the immunity idol!

The immunity challenge was crazy. I am disappointed that the Asians didn't do well in a memory/numbers game! What!? So Adam did good on the challenge and got immunity. Tribal council was crazy...but first, let's talk about the selfishness in camp...what was up with the fish meal! Even though Jonathan saved the old tribe's but, he is still annoying and I have always wanted him gone...maybe it will be tonight.

The tribal council was viscous tonight! There was just alot of hatred and finger-pointing. Even though Yul didn't want to do it...they stuck with Jonathan and voted Candice. There was a little soft porn at the end of Tribal council--and I think Jeff got a little jealous because he said something about a kiss is great, but if Adam really loved her, then he would have given her the Immunity necklace....ha ha sucker! He's not giving that up for nuthin!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Week 10 - The Merge

Finally! The merge...we have been waiting for this. W00t! Sadly, it has come at a bad time. Aitu is down in number because of stupid Jonathan and his moron mutiny move. We have another stupid tribal name...Aitutonga.

Now I get I understand why my powerful God kept Jonathan save the Aitu tribe!!!! I so dislike him! I have been wanting him gone for so long, but this week I am glad he stayed. Can you believe it. I know next week I will want him gone again! But why did they kick off Nate? Why couldn't it have been Adam? I guess they thought Nate was the stronger of the two. I just think Adam is closer to the girls and that could be a deadly combo!

The fact that Jonathan didn't end up letting Aitu know what his final plan was before they went to tribal council rubs me the wrong way. I don't like that...either he's in or he's out. There is no more last minute decisions here! Luckily, it worked out for them in the end...but that Jonathan. I still say he needs to go.

Sadly, I wrote this 1 week late and I can't remember everything. However I do know that it was such an awesome and exciting episode! Yay, for Survivor being so good this year. It is really exciting!!!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Week Nine: It's a TWO-fer!

okay...sorry about the late post. I wrote it up and the computer ate it up! I will try to do my best to remember all my complaints and high fives........I am going to work backwards from the tribal council to the beginning of the show, since it is the freshest in my mind.

So this week's tribal council was a freaking surprise...not one, but TWO people got kicked off! Of course Rebecca was going...goes to show you that you can't be lazy around camp man! Then as sting likes to sing, "message in a bottle"...SURPRISE! You must vote another person off. I thought FOR SURE this was going to be my big night and I was
finally going to see Jonathan go, but they didn't vote for him! WHAT!?!? They vote Jenny? They totally blindsided her and voted someone off the alliance...must not have been a strong alliance.

So the Asians won both reward and immunity challenges! 4 in a row baby...I am talking about one strong team here! Man, Ozzy is the bomb...he is like a fish. If only he knew how close he was to being voted off! I can't beleive they were going vote out one of the strongest players!

Aitu did so good on the reward challenge. They were digging in the sand like professional Meerkats (I love Meerkat Manor, otherwise I would have said dogs!) and the other team was just sooooo pitiful. Especially Jonathan. They couldn't dig if their life depended on it! South by Southeast or South by Southwest....duh, what? what direction is North....come ON!

I love that Aitu sent Candice back to Exile Island. Of course you are going to be punished Candice, did you think otherwise??? Quit your crying! You were the one who left them high and dry, my friend!

And speaking of Candice...did you see the romance in the air...She and Adam are hittin' it! Deaaaammmm! I wouldn't kiss anyone on Survivor...can you imagine how gross their breath is! Yuck.

Well, just one more day and we get a special Thanksgiving Survivor. They better not do a re-cap of this season. That is going to totally piss me off!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family...even though Vivian is the only one that is going to read this!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Week 8 - The jury begins!!!!!

That was crazy when Jeff offered mutiny at today's reward challenge. What would have happened if they all stepped off the would have been an automatic merge. Ha Ha! The reward challenge looked fun! I would totally want to ride inside the barrel!

I never liked her jump to the other team just makes me dislike her even more. Jonathan is an idiot and has always been one of the least favorite for me since the beginning. He really needs to go and I have a feeling he will (I am writing this while watching it!) if his team loses the challenge. Ha ha...Jeff was offended when Jonathan said "Oh please Jeff!"...ha ha, Jeff was like "Jonathan getting a little annoyed!"

Aitu is kicking butt. I always liked Ozzy and thought they were dumb for wanting to vote him out. Now he has become a tight and integral part of this team. I am really happy they won the immunity challenge too. Go asians...LOL. OH here we go! I foresee Jonathan finally getting kicked off!

DANGIT! Everytime I think Jonathan is going to go....he slips by! Why does this always happen? Why couldn't Brad shut his mouth and not say anything stupid like "I don't trust everybody on this tribe!" What a weenie!!!!

Well, goodbye Brad! You may be creative-spacial like you claimed, but you are no smooth talker! And the Jury begins...dah dah daaaaaah!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Breaks my heart :(

Well, Lauren has been sick for a week and half due to a cold she caught from her daycare. It was a great idea to put her into a daycare, but since she has never been exposed to any kind of sickness it was difficult for her to adjust.

Because she is so congested it causes her to cough after she has eaten food and that makes her throw up. She has been vomiting so much lately and had lost alot of fluid. On top of that she began to have pretty bad diarrhea too.

Anyway, I was so worried about her that I took her to the E.R. tonight. They said she was pretty dehydrated and they detected an ear infection too. So they put her on an IV with fluids and an antibiotic. Poor thing was so out of it.

The took a stool sample too because I thought she might have rotavirus. They won't be able to confirm those lab results for a few days...I hope she is better by then!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Week 7 - almost to the merge!!!

The lucky winner tonight was Roller Girl! Flika!

I liked the catalog they set up for the reward challenge! Way cool! potatoes and peanut butter totally! I would have gone for protein and carbs too! However, the actual challenge would have sucked for me! I totally couldn't open my eyes in salt water...that would totally hurt! Becca was so out of it that her top was up and she was flashing everyone!!! Even when they told her to put her top down...LOL. Poor thing :( but it sucked for her team because she couldn't go out again cuz she was so spent!!!

And Ozzy was the hero by breaking the thing with the key with HIS fist!! that was pretty cool i have to say! And can you imagine...taking a poop and there is a bird sleeping right there! How can you be quiet and not wake him up when you are pooping??? LOL!

Freakin Flika! Why, oh why wont they ever vote Jonathan off??? The guy is freakin creepy and I am just waiting for the day he is voted off! Why! Why wasn't it tonight...who knows...prolly cuz Flika freaked out and annoyed everyone with her begging...LOL.

Oh, but next week looks good. Brad is finally getting to everyone! Down with another asian! LOL! Like the old crock hunter used to say "Criaghkey!"