Thursday, October 19, 2006

Survivor Week Seis -- that's 6 in spanish

or like my friend Keith Oh yes, we are at 6 weeks and the plot thickens!

Wow! The reward challenge was brutal! Candice was putting up a good fight which led their team to another win!

I think that Jenny had the first crotch shot they have had to blur out this entire
Usually there has been a handful of boobs and butt that make it on the first 4 weeks.
Did you s
ee Christina whipping out the cop talk to Roller girl??? She is vicious! She was like, "get your hands off my neck" she totally didn't like being in that position...what cop would?? She was pulling hair and trying to take all her clothes off!

I love how they kicked off two people this week. They must have had to cut a show for one reason or another...LOL. What a great surprise though. It was time they added a twist in the game because it was getting boooooring! You know what i have noticed? They position the votes oh so perfectly - Jenny, Christina, Jenny, Christina, Jenny, oh guess what? Christina!

OH MY GOSH! I totally didn't see Cowboy getting voted off tonight. They really edited that good because I thought Jonathan was for sure going. Poor Rollergirl was totally surprised too!!!! Eric said he kinda knew they were setting Cao Boi up. Oh well, I thought Jonathan was creepy and I was hoping he would go, but I guess he wasn't creepy enough!

Until next week my friends!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Survivor - Week 5....blahhhhh

Here we go! Week 5! Wow time is flying so fast.
So last week JP was the loser!

Ha ha! That was so freaking funny that Ozzy, Cowboy and Rollergirl went to check out the other island and ended up at the other team's camp!!! I thought it was funny how they were so annoyed because they were on "their island"....ha ha.

During the immunity challenge, I noticed that alotof the girls are getting to the point of overwhelming underarm hair...epecially Roller girl and candice.

Aitu ended up with a great strategy of getting everyone up on the deck. They put all the girls in the middle and the guys stretched over the top of them. I totally thought they were going to lose when they all fell in the water the first try.

Blah, so the tribal council was boring and Stephanie was voted off....big deal! I don't think she was much of a contribution AND she wanted to go least that is what she kept expressing a few episodes ago.

To be brutally honest with you...if this show doesn't pick up some excitement,then I am going to stop writing about it! ha ha.

Eric says I have to wait until the merger. Supposedly, it always gets juicier when they merge...ha ha. I think it is just the boring personalities of the people!

Next week they are going to try and spice it up by making each team vote a person we'll see!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Survivor - Week 4

Can you believe it has already been 4 weeks! Man, time flies so fast! Okay here is my survivor rap for this week....

I wanted to make up for my slacking last I decided to write this while watching forgive me if it's choppy!

I just realized that Becky was an attorney...she is going to be one of those cut-throat Koreans!

Candice is a terrible liar because when they were all asking her about why she got sent to Exile Island, she was trying to play stupid and she totally LOOKED stupid! ha ha.

Dude! J.P. the volleyball pro tried to cheat in the challenge! He heard the other team say "5 is B" and then he told the rest of his team! What a loser! Who cheats!??

Yea! Aitu wins both challenges! Go Koreans! ha ha ha. I am glad they finally started splitting up the challenges with a reward and immunity challenge. It was stupid when they were doing it all together, but I understand they had to because of how many teams there were. Oh and that was gross how the one girl cut her hand with the knife!!

Gosh! It is so disgusting how Parvarti is still trying to hit on Nate and the poor guy is falling for it! She is such a stinker!

Oh that is it! I definitely do NOT like the cowboy! I can't believe he went and messed with that bird's nest! He felt so bad that he dropped the baby bird, but he was still going to steal the mamma bird's eggs! What difference does it make. I totally thought he was going to eat it! ha ha.

WHY, WHY, WHY would Stephanie tell everyone that she sucks so bad! I wanted Parvarti to go!!!! She is so dumb because there are more girls than guys!! They can break up the 4 man team with their numbers! It was so interesting to see the game being played this week...I can't believe the girls went to Brad for help because Parvarti really believes she can team up with the guys. I totally am starting to hate her! Why couldn't she go this episode! Dang, I am 0 for 2 now!

HA, HA...see ya later Pro Volleyball player. You're a cheater anyway! You can't sit around camp like a king and not think that everyone won't get tired of it quick! Well, the 4-man team didn't last very long, but I think it is for the better! If they can just get rid of Parvarti, the team will be awesome!

Wow! after watching the end, I realized that Nate and JP were the only ones who voted for Stephanie. That means Brad told Adam and they decided to go with the group. Parvarti ended up voting for JP too. And I thought she was tight with Nate...guess not!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Healthy....or not!

I got a health screening yesterday! Yup, they had health screenings at work and I wanted to find out where I stood in life. I am 31 years old and I just feel like maybe I am not as healthy as I think. Hopefully, this will give me a boost to start leading a healthier lifestyle!!!

I have included this recent picture because in 1 year...I am going to look totally different!

Here are the results of my tests:

Lung Spirometry
Classification - normal
Estimated lung age - 20
I had to blow into this thing really hard--it was kinda like a breathalizer, but there was no resistance. It was almost like blowing into a toilet paper roll. I have never had one of these done before...very neet! It is good to know that i have the lungs of a 20 year old...even after all those years I smoked. I have to believe the year of swimming I did in college helped that along!

Blood Pressure
Classification - normal
score - 110/70
This was a normal blood pressure test. Thankfully I don't have pre-hypertension or hypertension. My family has a history of high blood pressure (grandmother and mother), but thankfully I haven't hit that yet. However, I am close :( I should have a systolic pressure lower than 120 and diastolic lower than 80. It says that blood pressure between 120/80 and 139/89 is considered pre-hypertension. I better start lowering my salt intake and exercise more!

Total Cholesterol (desirable less than 200) - 200
Triglycerides (desireable less than 150) - 92
Fasting Glucose (desireable 60-99) - 97
HDL (desirable greater than 40) - 79
LDL (desirable less than 130) - 103
VLDL (less than 40) - 18
TC/HDL ratio (less than 4.5) - 2.5
Well, my total cholesterol is right on the dot for starting high cholesterol. Even though it may be high, I was told that my good cholesterol guys (HDL) are fighting the bad cholesterol guys (LDL) and they are winning! Yay HDL's! The guy who analyzed me said that my HDL was higher than anyone he has seen at 4 Eaton facilities. He told me to call my parents and thank them for such good genetics :) He said that my ratio of 2.5 was outstanding!

Body Mass Index
Risk Category - Moderate
BMI - 27.4
Okay, so I am kinda chubby and my BMI is higher than I want. "Moderate Risk" means I am overweight. I am 5' 1" and 143 target weight for my height is 131 lbs or less. High risk (or obese) is 158 lbs or more.

Body Composition
Percentage - 30.5
Recommended Percent of Body Fat: Women 34 years and younger should have a target of 12-35 percent.
So basically, I am on the upper part of the recommended percent. I don't know about you, but 12 to 35 seems like a pretty large range. I know they are trying to make me feel good...but I am a fatty!!! Again, I am not considered obese but I am considered overweight. That is not good!

So since I am considered overweight, I am going to work hard to lead a healthier lifestyle. This month I ran a 1-mile race and I didn't do so well. I know I was sick that day, but it was tough. I am going to set up goal to run a 5k within 1 year of this date. I am sure I can do it with the proper training and I will feel 100% better on my next screening results!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Survivor - Week 3

Sorry to my avid Survivor junkies, but my post is coming in very late. This week was a special treat because we got to watch survivor with some very good friends from Cali. So writing this post is actually dumb because my only avid Survivor junkies that read my post were actually sitting with me on the couch this week!!!! YAY! Miss you V-dub and K-dub! it was a fun-filled weekend and I don't remember much from the episode...I am actually going to re-watch parts of it on to refresh my memory!

Okay! If you missed last week and you also happened to miss the recap....Billy did mouth the words "I love you" to candice. However, he must have misunderstood what she said because she actually said, "we love you" after he said "I'm next" when they lost the challenge. I bet after watching this episode, he must have felt embarrased and I would be surprised to see him at the reunion! ha ha.

So they mixed up the races and split the tribes up into two teams. It really didn't take them very long to do that. The two new teams seem to adjust pretty easily, alliances were formed aaaaaand Pavarti was trying to work all the men with her flirty schemes. She was working it too hard, almost hooker on holleywood-ish.

The Koreans are bonding together like brother and sister. Yul confided in Becky and told her that he found the immunity idol on Exile Island. The funniest thing was that when he told her she immediately asked him how long it took him to find it. Eric laughed and thought with a question like that she was feeling him out to see if he was a strong, smart asian!

Speaking of Asians...did you hear Jonathan tell Flika that he was teaming up "with the Asians". Not "those people from the other tribe" or "Yul and Becky", but "THE ASIANS". Ha ha..if this show didn't start out racially segregated he would have never made a comment like that!

That one guy (I think his name is Nate) caught a HUGE octopus. That was pretty exciting! I liked how it was sucking the life out of the gay fashion designer asian...ha ha.

The challenge sucked. It was nothing compared to the same challenge that Bobby John did. Bobby John carried his whole team to victory for like an hour! The girls on this season just dropped out so soon. And the other guys just caught the team so fast! It was not as exciting as the one time Bobby John's team did the same challenge.

So it came down to Becky or Cecilia. I think Yul was successful in talking Cowboy (Cao Boi) into votiing for Cecilia and since Cowboy and Flika (Jessica) are best of friends they voted the same.

So bye bye CiCi....Go asians! LOL.

My prediction for this week (and I am 0 for 1 now!) is that Jonathan will be next. He is too manipulative and everyone is starting to get creeped out by him! Otherwise, if I had to choose a girl, it would be Parvarti...just cuz she disgusts me with her flirting game!

OH, by the way...did anyone think that Yul would have given Becky the idol if she had been voted off?
He did tell her that he would maybe, in the future, use it to save her. I am sure he didn't mean on the next challenge...but her butt was on the line. It would have been interesting to see that one played out!