Monday, August 08, 2005

I ate an Elephant Ear

We had a great weekend! This week they had Ribfest in Kalamazoo. It is a pretty big thing around here and so we decided to go with a few of our friends. To give you an idea of how crazy this place can be, the headlining act that night was Mickey Dollens from the Monkees.

I had some pork ribs, pulled pork sandwich, and an Elephant Ear! That's right! I ate an elephant it isn't what you think! Everyone at work was telling me about this and how I had to get it. So I went to the stand and paid five bucks. The lady hands me this giant flat piece of donut bread on two plates!! It wasn't quite like the one shown here (with pudding)...mine had powedered sugar and cinnamon on it. It was awesome!

I guess in the west we like funnel cake (which is still my favorite out of the two) and in the east they like Elephant Ears. It is the same kinda dough, just cooked differently. This is the same funnel cake batter, but somehow they get it in the fryer all flat. Then they let it fry up in the grease, just like funnel cakes, and they put all kinds of garbly goop on top! Yummmm.

4 more weeks!!

Okay, so I went to the doctor today and they told me that we are going to do an ultrasound in 4 more weeks to find out the sex of the baby. Well, go ahead and place your bets by leaving a comment to this blog....we'll see who wins!

Also, I could use some suggestions on names...specifically boy names...but girl names would be great too. Leave your comment on any good names you might have!

I am really excited about finding out what it is! I can't wait to start buying baby stuff! Well, I am not quite into maternity clothes...but I will be shopping for some soon. If you know of any great places online too, let me know because I want cute stuff. I am thinking of driving to Chicago soon to check out the Gap Maternity out there!

I weighed in at 142 and my nurse says that I am gaining weight normally. I have gained 7 lbs since I began. That isn't too bad...I guess I am supposed to average around 25 lbs. Fortunately, I didn't have any morning sickness and that is when moms usually lose their weight because they can't keep their food down. I don't seem to be having any problems eating or drinking stuff. I just love everything!!

Well, I will keep you posted on this status of this healthy baby!!!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Officially Moved In we are officially moved in. Over the weekend we unpacked every box that we had. That is not saying we have everything in place, but it is all out of boxes. I have not been able to do anything fun over the last few weekends because we had to stay home and unpack. Well, it is finally done! So next weekend I am off to do something exciting...I don't know what yet, but I know I am not going to be staying at home unpacking. THAT'S FOR SURE!

Well, as soon as I have everything looking decent, I will start taking pictures of the house to show. Eric should have the server up in a few I will be uploading pictures of somekind real soon.